Seedlings in coco first time

Hey guys this is my first grow in coco and need help. I’m using sensi bloom coco ph perfect. I germinated 6 seeds all shot out a tap root so I put the tap root down about a .25in below the surface… my question is how many time do I water. O and they haven’t sprouted I planted yesterday. Also how long do I leave the lights on and what strength. Dim them all the way down or raise them up full blast. And how may hours on and off for seedlings that haven’t or are about to break the surface. My coco has perlite and worm castings mixed in. Coco was washed and did a quick buffer. Tent temp is 73 and 56% humidity. The strain is white widow photoperiod.


I don’t know coco but this guy does @Nicky I’m more soil, looking into coco my self


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I normally cling film my pots until they break surface, medium should be damp but not too wet, (you shouldn’t have this issue if your doing film your pots) but if the top of your coco drys out lightly spray it with an atomiser, buffer your coco with a light nutrient solution sitting around 0.6 EC, (also you won’t need much nutrients for the first few weeks as the seed contains enough to carry it for those initial weeks), make sure your water that you’re watering with is PH’d to 5.8 - 6.0.

A general rule of thumb is, Lights On/Off, Vegetation - 18/6 Flowering - 12/12.

Right now you just want the coco to be moist. The plant is going to drink all its water from the air until it establishes a root system. So dome the seedlings if you can with some sort of clear plastic…like a coke bottle and keep the plastic misted…do not spray the seedling.

That depends on what light you have. You also have to read what the plant is telling you. If the seedling starts getting tall and lanky then you need to lower the light down. If it’s the opposite you need to raise it a tad. Tell me what light you have.

Alot of people run the lights 24/7 during the first week above ground. I personally just stick to the 18/6 method during the veg phase.

Humidity looks ok but I would try to get your tent as close to 80°F as you can. That will help speed up growth as colder temperatures slow things down.


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I have the sonofarm sf 4000 in a 5x5. Alison two mars hydro ts-1000s