First grow and can't pinpoint issues

First grow here and things were going great. Now it could be some poop soup if you ask. Not terrible but not the best. Just started pre flower a few days ago. I’ll attach photos of all the symptoms.

Im growing in FF Happy Frog soil. 5g plastic bag pot. 3x3x6 ac infinity tent. 315 cmh. 1 8" intake and 1 exhaust with a filter. I also made a pre filter with a carbon merv 11 or something i cant remember. Week 3 was yesterday. My vpd is usually around .8 or 1 except for the hot days the past couple weeks.

I only fed a total of 1Tbsp of FF all purpose fert a while ago. Weeks later a dose of tps one. (Im thinking the early top feed and then the dose of tps one is the reason for all this).

I believe from heat and light stress the plants burnt on the edges of the leaves. But then again could be nute burn. I have some deformed leaves 3 fingering or growing skinny or appearing black. I dont believe these are fan leaves.

The plant started with the lowest leaves having a yellow spot which i thought was when i watered it and spilt on the leaves.
Now they are almost completely yellow brownish but not dead. Or atleast when i pull it doesnt just fall pff

A couple weeks later the second set of fan leaves dried up and now is all twisted and weird. Some random small brown spots that believe isnt rust rot or leaf septoria. Only 2 leaves are curling down. Did a foliar spray of cal mag when i was seeing some gradiance.

When i watered i was using distilled but the ph was really low like 5.6 so i switched to RO water. Ph is usually 6.4 or 5 when going in. I started with 250ml now up to 1l. Im affraid to do more especially because of the water retention. I would do this every 3 or 4 days.Willing to take all suggestions though of course. The new growth looks pretty healthy.

I’ve noticed my soil being cooler and not draining the best. Or i think its not because of the appearance when i check the first few inches… I haven’t tested runoff but will do a flush today if any feedback recommends it and test.

I bought diatomaceous that is coming tomorrow just incase its fungus gnats. Im also going to switch to a fabric pot sunday. I have my light at the highest postion to make sure there is no stress from heat. The tent is under negative pressure also.

Appreciate any and all help!


I wish I could help… she looks really short to me… maybe one of these old schoolers can help… @710allotrope

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Thats from the lst. I have it basically horizontal.


I need one of those doohickeys…


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My first thought would be nute burn. The dark waxy looking leaves indicate excess nitrogen. I’m no pro, just giving my thoughts.

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How far away is your light?
I would recommend you get the photone app so you can set your light the correct distance.


Now maybe 3ft. I did download the photone and use that at one point. Ill use it again and re adjust


My guess would be light is to close are leaves curling up like a canoe? If so move your light up and get a small fan blowing OVER the TOPS to move that heat out of there. Just a suggestion had it happen to me and thats how i got out of trouble. Good luck

New growth is your indicator and does look healthy. I’d bet the majority of lower leaf issues you’re seeing are from leaves contacting the soil.

Distilled water can’t hold a pH, so regardless of what test method you’re using it’s inaccurate. It will adopt the pH of your medium.

Do you have drainage holes in the bag? Have you collected runoff after watering to get an idea of what’s going on in your root zone?


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Couple of observations. The leaves on the bottom that are discolored and finky looking look to be where you watered, leaf got damp, touched the soil, and burned up.

The high 60s isnt really suitable for vigorous growth, mid to high 70s during lights on, maybe a 5 to 10 degree swing during lights off.
Lower soil temps will also cause nute lockout and stunted growth.

PH… since you are using FF soil and nutes, ya need to check your runoffs. Salt buildup will cause your ph to tank therefore locking out vital nutrients needed.

Follow the flushing schedule.


Look up vpd chart 1.0 is low

@Underthestairs i do have holes yes and its raised from the bottom of the tent by a screen to prevent sitting in runoff. I’m waiting for the fabric pot to come to help with root zone air flow. I haven’t checked runoff yet because at first i wasnt getting much with the amount of water i gave.

@Iwork2hard About a week or so ago the temps got up to 82° because it was 100° outs and i as venting my ac out the same window as my tent so hot hair also was blowing back in the room from a terrible window seal. It was canoeing then and burnt i believe from the heat stress and low humidty. I also wasnt able to keep up with refilling my humidifier so sometimes its would be really low. I dont see the tips like that on new upper growth only middle and lower during the heat wave.

@Flitme appreciate the love from the community already!

@Gronasbros every chart i checked says that my vpd is good from .8 to 1 point something? I got one from the fastbuds website and the other on google. Im also gonna download the pulse app just to check for my self. Do you have any info i can read or see on this?

@ChittyChittyBangin i believe the water soil issue. And my temps would range from 68 to 78 except when its hot. Also the only reason i let it be that cold was from the fast buds seed faq saying it prefers cooler temps. Thats why i was thinking the leaf tips burnt because of it being in the 80s and low humidity?


@710allotrope the leaf tips burning like that is nute burn. Shes maxed out on nutes. To control your fungus gnats, let your soil dry out real good a few times. Fungus gnats thrive in moist soil (thats where the larvae are ) and when the soil drys out it kills the eggs and larvae. Its a process, but i fight them all the time when i use new soil.

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@ChittyChittyBangin Should i flush and then do a light feed to replenish all that is gone?

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Not necessary. Do you have a tds and ph meter

@ChittyChittyBangin yeah and strips also. I just saw to fungus gnats, so im gonna add my DE. The fabric pots should be here tomorrow.


A few things I use in my arsenal against fungus gnats:

Adding 20 drops of rosemary oil to the feed water with a drop of liquid Castile soap.

Soaking mosquito bits in warm water, let sit overnight, strain and use as feed water.

I have had good luck recently with a product called organicide as a spray. They were gone in three days.


So if I get this right.
Fox form happy frog soil
Happy frog nutrients all purposes nutes
Tps one nutes unknown which kind
5 gallon pot
Plant is three weeks old.

Ok fox farms happy frog soil has all the nutes you need for 5 or 6 weeks. So over nuted. If I gathered all the info correctly.
Are you going to transplant when you get the fabric bag.
Is this an autoflower. I ask because it sound like you did not get to choose flower time.
What kind and size of light do you have.