First Grow almost ready?

Hey all. Got this autoflower Red Poision here. Its completely different than the northern lights i am also growing. It flowered much faster. Its now been 7 weeks of flowering and i think it may be ready. I know to look for cloudy tricomes but my eyes suck and its hard for me to tell. Heres some pics with the cheapo microscope. what do you think?

The plant is i guess suppposed to be fast growing but its just so much smaller than the other plant that its hard for me to judge them against eachother.

any insight would be awesome.


Advise 1. Don’t expect every plant to look alike even from the same strain.

Advise 2. Take a picture of the buds not the leaf.

That’s all I got :joy:


I agree with @DarhkGrows. Even plants from the same parent plants will be different.

When looking at trichomes, try to get a picture of the calyx heads and not frosty leaves. The trichs on the leaves always mature earlier than the actual buds. I would also advise that you don’t just check the top buds. Check a few all over the plant and judge it as a whole unless the tops are where you like but the lowers are quite a bit behind and you’re doing a staggered harvest.


Ah the age old question…

The most accurate way to judge flower ripeness is to check the trichomes on the flower bracts (aka calyx). Bracts look like tear drops and they swell up and get frosty as the plant matures. Pistils grow out of the bracts. Sugar leaves will always mature before the true flower parts so they aren’t a good judge of true flower ripeness.

There are several types of trichomes but you want the ones with a large bulbous head…the bracts will be covered in them.

Also, there’s a harvest window…not a perfect harvest day. You have avout two weeks in the harvest window…when the trichimes on the true flower parts are to your liking…chop! Many many many people chop too early…and make excuses that they chopped too early when the effect only lasts 15 minutes lol.

Looks tasty!

Also, many of the seeds we get today haven’t really been “worked” to stabalize specific traits. This means it’s very common to get wild phenotypic variation in seeds from the same pack…that said you can find some real magic in the variety too…


Okay! so i just learned all about calyx and took my time to get some pictures of one of the lower ones. To me i think this looks like its ready to chop. Let me know if you agree! thanks!

wow that last pic is bad looked better on my phone lol.

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I see lots of clear ,more than oi would like ,
I’m also thinking those look seeded ,as they have a long vertical almost bursting open line across them .
Usually just the tip of the calyx will open like a pac man mouth
Just an observation and maybe others will say I’m incorrect

Here is an example of a more done looking situation ,again all plants are different

Editing to add in your original first pics there’s still some white hairs standing up and not curled or turned color yet ,to me that says it’s still growing and bulking up
Let it go a while


I had another thought and a completely different aspect to the entire when to harvest ever-debate .

If you harvest cannabis flowers that are less than,to significantly less than ripe ,
You are also going to have a bad time and learn basically nothing during drying and curing ,

The flowers haven’t reached their full potential or swollen ness ,and this will give you very light airy not dense at all flowers that will dry up way too quickly and lose almost all of its potency and terpines .

We all pulled too early when we first started growing ,
So the above is not at all to say you are wrong ,it’s coming from a place of ….i want you to smile when you take that first hit of flower that you grew …

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so this particular seed said it was supposedly ready 8 weeks from germination. Then reading everyone says that it typically means 8 from flower. I am 12 weeks from germination as of yesterday which is about 8 weeks from flower. That’s why I’m so confused. I feel like the people who sell the seeds would know infinitely more than I do…

I am pretty sure it wasn’t pollinated as its in my grow tent with one other plant that is also flowering nicely. I don’t see any signs of seeds from inspecting the buds either.

I feel like they are pretty dense compared to friends who have grown before. I know its my decision on when to pull but like you said I don’t want to do it too early!

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I can totally be wrong about the seeding ,some calyx can just look that way ,
As far as the time ,
The breeder will definitely know and tell you a time frame ,however those are under “their” co dictions which are definitely not the same as ours at home ,and it’s pretty agreeable to almost every grower that the breeders time frame is just a guide ,
I never go by their time frame anymore
In my experience it’s been a week or two longer easy than what they claim .
I’ve also made my own female seeds ,well I made the plants do it o should say ,and one was claimed to be 15 weeks and the other 90 days ,
I just harvested the plant at about 110 days old and had to go by the trichomes and swell .
The truth is I don’t believe anyone can tell you ,you should wait or harvest without being someone with experience and be standing there observing your plant as if theirs.
Worst case you harvest it and learn down the road it could have went longer ,like if the high is really hood but short …that’s one way to tell ,
Either way there is a window when it comes to cannabis ,if anything you are at the beginning of the window which can last up to three weeks
It won’t hurt to give it a little longer as to error on the side of caution …
Just my unexpert bropinion
I’m gonna follow along and see how you do !

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I’m still new to grow and only a few crops. From the time I put the seed in two cups of water and hydroperoxide to trimming and washing I say about 15.5 to 16.5 weeks every time for the strains that I been using. Northern lights and amnesia Haze blueberry all from this great place we call I love growing marijuana.
Every one of my buddies agrees that my weed is very tasty does what it’s supposed to and looks great. Is it the best they ever had no but they say it’s awesome and that’s all that makes me smile :grin:
I let that plant ride for another few days flush couple of days darkness and then she’s ready

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