First Grow: 2 Days since Flip, using Scrog/OMG this is NUTS! PLEASE give feedback!

This stretch just seems cray-cray. I barely know what to do with the number of nodes. Sigh. Is this okay?


Northern Lights

Are there too many nodes? what do I do? What could I expect? I have no idea what I am looking at except the flower sites (I think) are out of control? Yes? No?

Flipped on Valentine’s Day. Fed proper nutes. sorry if this is a double post! WAH! Help Meeee…

here is post from flip day: FIRST GROW!
Northern Lights on left, Borderliner on right. Birthdays 12/13 and 12/11 respectively. Coir 50%/Perlite 25%/Worm CAstings (mine) 25%. Viparspectra P2000 drawing 200 watts at wall. Nutes GH Flora. During Veg now 1 Tsp/1 tsp/1/2 Tsp respectively. Watering every four days. Feeding now at each watering. Fans 24/7. pH/TDS within tolerance.


@mobius981 no you have a terrible problem and will need help to harvest this thing…aahahahahahaha

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hahahahah. sigh. hahahaha.

@mobius981 it is normal to be very concerned with every little thing on your first grow but each new grow brings relaxation to the grow…so you have that to look forward to…it is a fun ride isn’t it

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Yes. well. I was very comfortable with veg, but NOW THIS! (I am being a bit tongue in cheek, but also a bit anxious). I could veg all day. but these babies just went oh you wanna FLIP? We Will Show You Some FLIP! (that’s what I think anyway)
(Two days ago for comparison pics: First Grow O.M.G. FLIP DAY.Please check me! Pics): don’t know if anyone can see the difference, but ummmm…yah.

@mobius981 just making sure you know the growth change from veg to flower end can be 200%,mostly it is 100% or less so this is were your training will come in to play.

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It’s only been TWO DAYS (sob). I have created a MONSTER!


@mobius981 Looks like a good start to me. You’ll either be running those shoots in and out of that net or possibly adding another screen. Looking good.
Be planning on how you want to train them and how you’ll defoliate later on.

You have problems, and they’re good ones!!:+1:

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Thanks! (sob). Another Scrog net just like the first was lovingly prepared! (to support buds). I HAVE defo’d SOME, but I know there is more to come. AS I read it, the flowers will draw nutrients from the lower leaves if needed, so I will wait a week of two I THINK after stretch to do more defo?


most healthy plants can take daily trimming ( and if you have things dialed in you will need to do this to prevent issues) .but never more than 30% of the foliage to include branches at any one time and then leave alone for at least 24 hrs and if she is still growing more, trim again…plants like people always feel best after a good haircut

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I will keep a very good eye on lower fan leaves, a little at a time, then. best input thank you. Have been doing so during veg.Northern Lights is VERY bushy and is evading me. She is naughty. Keeps sending up more flower sites.

fan leaves…if they are blocking a bud site-remove it…if they are pointing inside-remove it–if they are below the trellis–remove them and any little branches that have not grown because no matter how much you want them to grow and produce they won’t and your plant will do better with those sucker branches removed…


awesome defo instruction @Retiredoldguy . LOVE IT. Many thanks!!! Will do.

Let The Stretch Defo Begin! Gentlemen, Start Your Engines!

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They have barely begun to stretch yet. You ain’t seen nothing yet. I’ve had them triple in height before. It’s just something you’re going to have to figure out as you go. Do what you got to do to keep them away from getting to close to the light. Bend them over and tie them down if that’s what you gotta do.


Lol. Why didn’t you guys tell me I would have to weigh down the scrog net?

12 days into flip. These plants are obnoxious!!! And spoiled!!!

Lotta defo going on. I didn’t ignore any advice given above.

Question: I have limited vertical space in the 2x4x5 tent. how much further above net can I expect the flowers/buds to grow til harvest? I need to factor in hanging the light at correct level. Scrog nearly over, I expect, after one more week or so.

You might wanna get 3x3 or 4x4

the 2x4 is entirely adequate for these two plants. the height is the issue, possibly.