First Grow O.M.G. FLIP DAY.Please check me! Pics

Northern Lights on left, Borderliner on right. Birthdays 12/13 and 12/11 respectively. Coir 50%/Perlite 25%/Worm CAstings (mine) 25%. Viparspectra P2000 drawing 200 watts at wall. Nutes GH Flora. During Veg now 1 Tsp/1 tsp/1/2 Tsp respectively. Watering every four days. Feeding now at each watering. Fans 24/7. pH/TDS within tolerance.

Last post for comparison pics last two weeks of SCROG/growth here: SCROG net…Started 6th week Veg. Pls Check me. Pics

Valentines Day of all days to FLIP. Decreased pH cause Borderliner a bit pale, will continue since good results! VERY excited. Girls almost starting stretch two days before I flipped!!!


Last Weeks Post and pics for comparison: First Grow Started 8th Week today, Gonna Flip at end of week. Please Check me. Pics of Scrog

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I HAVE NO IDEA what to think of al the NODES! any thoughts? fingers crossed…

You’re off to a great start keep doing what you doing