Northern Lights time to Flip

Today is the day. Having only previously grown autos this is a new benchmark. I have 4 in a 3x3x7’.
The shortest is 6" (it took its time while a seedling) and the tallest is 9". They have all been topped 2x and received LST (staples and ties). 55 total grow days and 41 veg days. No nutrients other than a little dissolved bone meal and 2 servings (50% doses) of CalMag.

This number 2 She is ready for flower phase
Changed up air intake to eliminate light contamination. May add inline intake fan. Therefore the box
Scrog available if I decide to go that route

I anticipate having to remove some foliage to open them up, I would not call it defoliate. I need to do a little research / reading / youtubing on this part. Opinions and suggestions appreciated.
May I ask when do you start counting flower phase? Today? even though it will take some time to transition over? Or, first signs of flowering? :sunglasses:


Looking great beardless. Am two weeks away from flipping, and that’s when I will start my flowering day count, even though she has shown her sex already.

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These ladies look great! I really like the structure your’ LST has built. I wish I could help on the defoliation and scrog, but I’m just learning about this myself.

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I just started some photos so I’ll be following in your footsteps in about 6-8 weeks