First grow 11 days - does she look good?

This is my first grow and I am scared I overwatered her a little. How does she look? would really appreciate some opinions.


She looks okay. Overwatering is probably the number one problem for new growers.

Just let her go a few days between watering. I use a flood/drought method of watering. I give them a few cups per gallon of medium every other day or so. I soak the pot every week or so…


Please don’t open multiple topics for same issue/questions.

I also believe your plant looks fine.


Sorry first time on here was not sure how to edit. Thanks for the opinion!


Welcome! She looks good. Hold off on watering a couple of days. Wet/dry is what they like. Good luck and happy growing!!!

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looks good to me


She looks good i wouldnt water for a few days


Thanks growers. I was actually watering her every 3 days but I think I could have overdone it with the amounts of water I gave her. Will hold back from watering for a few days till the soil around her dries up.

Medium you’re using will determine the watering/feeding frequency. Coco every day and soil using a wet/dry cycle. Most important is to water or feed to run off, I start this when I see the roots have become more established. Typically this happen near the end of seedling stage :love_you_gesture: