First ever grow and need advice

Ok guys, was hoping for a bit of advice.
I have auto critical x auto NL, its what i ordered so hopefully it is what i have. According to the research it should take approx 11 weeks although i know this is more of a guide rather than a certainty, however, I’m about 6 weeks in and although they have grown upwards, it’s 25" tall, they look very underwhelming when i look at other posted photos.
I’m definitely no expert in growing and I’m not using any equipment, Really just an experiment to see if i can get some bud without going to a dealer. I am literally just growing it in the shed next to the windows so it gets whatever daylight the day gives and i water every other day, they also get rotated every day. I cant run the risk of having them outside as the neighbours cat dug the last one up and left a turd in its place, also they arent strong enough to live with the wind that whips up in the garden. Oh yeah, I’m in the south of England if that is important to know.

So, I’m just after some opinions on if it looks ok, am i expecting too much at this stage or any other advice i can get from more experienced growers.


Ayyyyy a fellow Brit! Is they’re no way you put in outside just leave it in the pot? A bigger pot aswell now, what soil are you using? And are you correcting the OH of your water? Also, let the soil dry out a few days or two days before watering again

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I am a first time grower my plants are almost a foot tall im seeing small leaves groeing from the inner stems are these going to be flowerjng spots or new sets of fan leaves growing out?

Thanks for the quick reply se7en
I’ve thought about putting it outside but from every angle a nosey neighbour will be able to see and it gets a bit windy in the garden and im worried it’ll break, i had to put the bamboo cane in as it was bending under its own weight even at the size it is now.
I also thought that maybe the size of the pot would have a bearing on how big it’ll grow? At this point I’m not after massive yeilds, just hoping for a few oz and then be a bit more serious with future grows.
As for the water, it is just water from the outside tap, being in the south east it is hard water.

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Hi there and welcome to the neighborhood :grinning:
Unfortunately the window won’t be adequate to grow the plant. If you can get it outside in a plant net? A grow light in the shed?


Welcome here and as @beachglass suggests, add a led grow light, that should slow the stretching and fill it out.


You said it. No equipment and this means you will be disappointed.

If you are not growing outdoors you have to have grow lights.

Welcome to the community.

Killer grow lights…

Windows block UVA and UVB raya or we would have high cases of skin cancer. So the plant will be subpar at best. I can reach about 7’4”.


It needs more light thats why it is so stretched you can bend it over gently do some lst training that will help the other branches to grow bigger and u can fim ur plant aswell it will help with getting more branches and it helps with making the plant bushy


@LeGod Welcome!! Like said previously the low light is gonna be detrimental to your final yield amount, the delicate stalk is due to the stretch and no wind on it. If your issue about your neighbors seeing it outside are a major concern then your gonna have a problem when it flowers and the entire block smells it in the wind lol. I grow outside and the smell of weed lingers and travels. Might as well camouflage it in a flowerbed and let the sun give you a better product than inside a shady shed. Just a thought. Good luck!

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@Tj8005 Welcome to Club Canna!! Those new leaves are very normal. They’ll probably grow out to be branches if you let them. Post pics with your questions, it really helps everyone visualize your situation wayyyy better. Good luck!!

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Cheers everyone for the advice, it is appreciated very much.
I’ve put them outside now as that is what everyone is saying.

Ive just started germination of another seed and we’ll see how different it looks to the other.

I’m going to move them around the garden to track the sun for maximum exposure.

I think my biggest problem will be the smell once it starts flowering as the garden is surrounded by others, I’ll just have to keep them out of view as much as possible and join in with the complaints about the smell!!

I’ll post pictures of my progress.

I’m in the south east also so I can tell you the water PH is around 7.2. :slight_smile: you will probably neee to get some PH down, as you’ll see PH issues at some point, what kind of hours of light do they get by the window? As it may not be enough just by the window being in the sh***y UK :sweat_smile: As she’s an auto she’ll flower whenever she’s ready, i would definitely suggest putting her in a larger pot now before she goes into flower also :pray:t2: If you put her outside with some sort of support she will be fine buddy

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Hahaha I like your tactic acting dumb to the neighbours “ermmm can you smell that? I wonder what and who that is!?” :sunglasses:


Time for a quick update. I think it is time but i might just be a little too excited about it.

Moved my grow outside a few days ago and with the nice weather (28c ish is nice for us in the uk) it is looking good/better, definitely firmed up so i am not worried about it breaking anymore and it has grown another 2".

She sits in the garden for 12 hours in direct sunlight and then moved back into the shed for the night.

As I’m using tap water with a ph of around 7.2 i am putting in a few drops of lemon juice to lower it down to a more suitable level.

She is 46 days old today.

Got another seed on the go which has a day left before the taproot is long enough and ready to be planted.

Couple of photo’s attached.

How does she look?


Can anyone give me an idea what stage I’m at? I’d guess at pre-flower but not really sure.

Trying to figure out which nutes will be needed.

Cheers guys.

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First time grower my self im 7 weeks in still no preflower dont think you are eather little white things will come on it when it is

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Thats what im useing and seems to be keeping here alive

Thats mine a blueberry glue auto 7weeks old you will need more light for when it blooms and something for the smell the neighbours will get a wif of it. Im new to this so hopefully someone els might be able to help u out best of luck


@LeGod i don’t really see any white hairs/pistols sticking up from your soon to be bud sites so I’d say imho stick to your veg nutes…but others may disagree lol. Take care and good luck!! :+1:t2::green_heart:


Damn brother insane is that the main or whole plant ??? Incredible :hugs:. An @LeGod plants looking nice an I agree with @Se7en ,keep her inside n grab a bigger size pot before u get rootbound . An a led light will take care of stretching an jus make things that much better… Keep growing