Finally an update!

I’m finally able to make a GSC photoperiod update that’s outdoor the only thing that I see which is pretty obvious is that somethings make a snack out of it. Heard I can make a pepper spray to get rid of the bugs. And it starting to bud how much time y’all think I got on that.

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Something like a caterpillar or hopper is eating a lot of that it looks like.

I use a program of: complete spray down of the plant with 3% peroxide, mix 50/50 with distilled water and spray down the plant. Do this before lights out (sunset) to avoid burning the plant. Allow that at least overnight and spray down with BtK (Safer) or Spinosad (Captain Jack’s Deadbug):

If you leave that on (either product) for 5 days then repeat with the peroxide then the bug killer. This stuff works, it’s all environmentally friendly, doesn’t harm the plants at all (some get some edge burning from full strength peroxide at 3%) so start with 50/50. You can use this system all the way to harvest. I would suggest doing a bud wash though on GP: