Fimming or topping which is best?

Okay I probably should have asked this before I started my experiment.
I am growing 3 WW and 1 gold leaf one WW i tried fimming and got to far down and topped but the other two were done in the rite place did this 48 hours ago and the 2 look okay to me but was wondering if I have just created future problems .

oh and these are 26 days old hope they are on track for the December bud of the month contest.

fimming and topping work very well the only problem is sometimes it stunts growth and if you have a real fussy plant it might start to not like you so sometimes tieing things down is best and you’d be amazed at how much it forces the rest of the plant to grow the very top of the plant has a special hormone being fed to it so as soon as you bend It Down the rest of the plant now it starts to get that same hormone and then everybody wants to be a top…


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The ones that were fimmed are already starting to regrow in four separate stems on one plant and three on the other . When these get stronger can I just bend and tie them over and get the same results @peachfuzz ? And thanks for tip

Yes don’t be a scared to experiment with your plants they usually will always fight back unless you really mean and then at that point you’re just being a jerk so you have to think of it in that way your plants are alive and u want them to perform for you so be nice and gentle and just think about what they need anand what they want not what you think you need to give them hope that makes sense… I’m on 1 … Lol😂