Topping or Fimming

I have been working with Hellraiser and Eagle009 for some help. Anyways this is around 3 weeks from when I started it. Would like to know if I should start Fimming. I have no idea how to top. So please anyone out there please help me to make a decision here.

I always top. Strangely it’s easier than fimming. But I’d wait a bit before doing either and let it grow a few more nodes

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I always top too. Above the 4th or 5th node. I only count 3 finger leaves (or more) as the 1st node. Yours isn’t ready yet imho.


Ok I am really new to this and I don’t want to mess it up. I did take the 2 bottom first leaves off of it I hope that didn’t hurt it but I see there were a little bunch of new growth coming along good. So I will leave it alone for now. It’s about 3 weeks since it got its first true leaves.

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So I am trying to learn the counting on the counting of nodes. If you can give me some idea what to look for please do.

Node #1:

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Ok so you are counting from above the first coteyydolen sorry misspelled. I say I see 4 nodes already if not please tell me.

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Maybe my illustration wasn’t so great. I’m counting from the first set of true leaves with multiple fingers.

I wouldn’t be in a hurry to top it. You gain nothing by topping early.

Ok yeah it’s only going into 3 weeks of the seedling stage. I just transferred it in a 1 gallon fabric Pot.

Ok I am trying to learn the nodes and would you say that it’s at 3 nodes maybe going on 4