Fertilizer with this?

Hi all. I have about two film containers (I know, you don’t see them much any more) full of the remains “ashes” of using a vaporizer. My question is: will this hurt the plants growing? It is only the remains of the plants and it has carbon for sure. Ant thoughts??


Hmm, not sure, I suspect it might be like using bong water or real ashes. More likely than anything it would probably throw your pH off and cause more problems than it would help. If you threw in in a compost pile first and let it compost with the rest of the organic material then it might do some good.

ARe you asking if you can apply Vapoop to your plants :kis :neutral_face:

Thanks Mac. Had someone tell me it would be cool. Thought I would go to someone with a little more knowledge.

Latewood: I guess that is what you would call it. LOL. Didn’t know if it would do anything or not. I have seen (or heard of) a lot of stuff that people add to their weed that actually helped the grow. You can never tell until you ask someone or find the answer, which I could not find any resources that helped so I tried to find someone that could give me a yes/no answer.

I really appreciate the answers I get from you both. I have learned a lot from you but have so far to go. only my second grow but I feel I am learning a lot already. Thanks !

PS: I changed my handle to TxGrowman as I had to sell my Harley due to my disability. Was a sad day but now I have a little more cash to spend on my weed! ! Not the best trade-off but I have to take what I can get. Using MMJ has really helped me as my whole set-up only cost the same as two months of meds (about $650) and I am already stopping half the meds and using Blueberry and WW. I am feeling better than I have in a long time and my condition is a little better. They seem to be working as well, or better, than the meds and it is not screwing with my liver all the time. Wish Texas lawmakers would get off their collective butts and pass the MMJ measures for this state.

We are glad to have you here at ILGM. Thank you for considering our advise:)