Wood ash has anyone ever used it as potash for cannabis

Has anyone ever used wood ash from fireplace before as potash

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How do u no how much to use

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I used for ph up when i didnt have any. Just put a couple spoonfulls into a jar of water and check ph. I added ash til the ph was 10 or so. Then add as i did the real ph up. Im not sure that its a good long term remedy or not. Its been a while and i dont remember much more that i did it.


We have always put the wood ash in our compost bin and then used that compost in our vegetable gardens.


I use it heavier than “supposed to” because it helps counter the low pH of peat moss.
I burn as much twigs leaves and bark as possible 'cuz they have the most minerals.
About one pint of fine ash does four 5 gallon pots for me.

Im talking about with cannabis in flowering stage will it help???

It can help, when adding to growing soil it needs to be diluted a lot and best if combined with other things to balance it out. I only do this when making my own plant food containing wood ash, molasses, and supplements. Yeah I crush pills. Calcium magnesium supplements, which are calcium nitrate and magnesium nitrate. And glucosamine sulfate. One pill of each crushed into a 4 liters of water, with one tablespoon of wood ash and two tablespoons molasses. I don’t know the pH. That’s my homemade plant food.

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Hows the buds. Been flowering a couple months eh?

Yep, and out door fire pit