Pot ash for Pot?

I’m doing some soil amendment this off time for my outdoor grow adventures I have a pile of wood ash from my stove thought Would put some in the ground is it good to use has anyone tried it ?


Wood ash is fine to add jaut dont over do it. A little goes a long way.


Cool I only put a little down I assume it’s pretty strong nothing grows directly into the pile


You are good using it. I add it ontop of the leaves and yard waste while the garden is fallow. The rain and worms mix it all in by spring. It is loaded with calcium and magnesium and phosphorus. The biggest problem is alkaline soil afterwards if you dump too much. If you live anywhere with dry climate I would skip it. There is not enough rain to mix it in, or seriously just like a half teaspoon per gallon of soil mix. Or about 4 oz per cubic yard; basically 2 shot glasses full of ash fines. It will make your ph 8.0 if you over do it and don’t have winter to mix and flush it into the soil strata. I usually spread it with a solo cup lightly over the raised beds while it’s actively raining. It keeps the dust down and gets mixing right away. What ever you do don’t dump it in one spot expecting to mix it after. It’s way wiser to spread it out as you go.

If you have a lot of clinkers in it, then add the ash and clinkers to a bucket of water and flood it with urine, leaves, or any other food waste and compost around. The calcium and magnesium and phosphorus will help charge up the clinkers into biochar. Let that soak at least 2 weeks with a lid on if you want to turn the clinkers into char.

Wood ash and urine make a surprisingly complete fertilizer for crop plants.



Sounds Good and it’s Organic I only put a small amount in the holes and have about 4 months of cold before I plant again, my plant’s always outgrow any type

soil and head into mother earth :earth_americas: I pulled these rootballs up and it wasn’t easy i say they were well established in the ground

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I have watched your outdoor thread. You definitely have nice plants.

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I’m enjoying my weed had some issues with mold down the road the pm was worse than I had here but I got it undercontrol and was able to get some nice Bud’s I can’t wait for spring planting again