Femenized seed question?

I bought feminized seed from ilgm. 2 of the plants went hermaphrodite and produced seeds. To my understanding these will all be female seeds. Is this correct?

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Misread the post at first!

So when a Fem plant herms, if it’s not intentional , meaning it was caused by stress/lighting issues/ or PH issues, the seeds produced will also have hermaphrodite traits within the plant. So the seeds are a hit or miss really, but I’d say like 60 % will produce seeds that have those traits within.

I am not 100% on this, but I’m sure others will chime in and get you a good answer!

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And it is possible for a hermed plant to produce male seeds.
I learned this just recently.
Done on purpose chemically they will produce 99.9% female seeds.


I have one, hopefully no more than, Jack Herrer Photo-Fem that seems to have Herme’d. Storm damage ~2 weeks ago required that I take the main cola ~2.5 feet. In a section of the cola removed, now cured and ready for consumption, was found one seed.
To that end, I have no idea how this gal could have turned hermaphrodite. She has grown well and other than a few incidental “I’m thirsty” occasions during the summer, has had no stressful events.
Any idea what happened here?