What will the seeds be?

My last grow i had 2 plants produce seeds. The original seeds were feminized seeds from ilgm. Will all those seeds be feminized seeds then? I have a bunch of them but dont want to take up my space and time taking a chance on some male plants. From my research they should be feminized seeds. Is that correct?


Indoor grow? If so only female plants so someone hermied grew male flowers. Female + female = female, no male genes. But because of original hermie offspring plants may tend to hermie also. Do you know why you hermied in the first place? Light leak, heat stress, etc?


Yes was indoor grow. It was my first grow and i had to move the plants 2 months in. I did have a light leak too. The exact cause im not certain but im sure there was multiple reasons it could have been


Is a 50 /50 thing. Just use small cups and germinated a few and wait and see. You may be lucky and land a few feminized ones.

I have hermied a few because of light leaks during flower, I cant seal my closet, and used seeds with success but I constantly check for male flowers lol.

i got a few seeds from my harvest this grow, i dropped them and im curoius what they will be if they germinate lol


The only male I’ve ever had came from a bag seed never off my fems who produced a few seeds

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