Feeding Schedule Question (URGENT, Time Sensative) - Using FoxFarm + AdvancedNutrients

I apologize in advance for semi-multi post. — My Grow Journal is Here: Super Snow Dog *(Manifold + LST)* Indoor. 600Super-HPS - #29 by danman2cool

Fox Farm Tiger Bloom is Chemical Based, Fox Farm Big Bloom is Organic.— My Plants are VERY green which leads me to beleive after defoliation the leaves are holding a great deal of Nitrogen.----- Today is the start of week 5, and im contimplating dropping Tiger Bloom from my feeding schedule from here until the end. ---- I intend to feed today FFBigBloom + AdvancedNutrients OverDrive + BlackStrap. ------ WILL this be enough to push until Harvest from week 5? OR Should I continue FFTigerBloom WITH the FFBB+OD+BS? ---- im worried the chemical base from TigerBloom will kill any beneficial organics needed for final weeks of flower. —

You can but you may start running into deficiencies. Big bloom doesn’t have much in it. Overdrive seems like it’s a finisher product and blackstrap feeds microbes not the plant. Not sure you’ll have enough PK to finish her out.

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Yup id follow manufacturers guide here. I completely understand not wanting to muck up your food web. I use organics and microbes and blackstrap. And tailord down my calmag alot towards the finish for this exact reason. If u do discontinue it, look into an organic PK booster. Like i said im 95% organic (damn calmag n ph up) so i use bloom fish emul for flower boosting. Cheap n effective

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@BobbyDigital Ty for response :slight_smile: That was my concern with stopping Tigerbloom this quickly at week 5 was seeing deficiencies by week7-8 and the plant needing to go week 9-10, but right now I think i overfed slightly the last feeding- my leaves are showing Nitrogen Toxicity (Slightly) with really dark green leaves (Not puffy like an overwatering would look, and i see the “Claw” on very very very few (Like 5 leaves total) - I planned the Overdrive as extra organic minerals for late feeding (Was told week 5+ is ideal) ----

@PurpNGold74 The major concern was if TigerBloom was going to negatively effect the BigBloom+OverDrive+BS in anyway— I didnt even think tho to add another fert so i appriciate the advice, gonna go to grow shop in a bit and look for something with 0-X-X ---- I saw a Kelp emul last time I was there that was 0-0-60 but I was hesitant of getting it because the BS adds a ton of potassium — HOWEVER it makes sense between both your responses that the BS is more organic formula based so running chem nutes im assuming the BS isnt doing much but clogging up the food web? =P

Nah. The blackstrap is the carb load for ur Overdrive microbes. Think of it like this.

Plants eats NPK
Overdrive eats blackstrap
Well fed microbes help breakdown and more readily feed plant more npk.

Happy circle of life. They are helpers. N u gotta get the help well fed


I know this is an old thread but I’m not savvy enough to post a new topic elsewhere.

I’m 4 weeks into flower under a 4 qb120 light in a 4x4 tent have 6 plants in 5 gallon nursery pots with FF HF recently top dressed with organic worm castings before flipping light

(I’ve had them in veg way too long)

I’ve been feeding regularly with Advance Nutrients Connoisseur at 1/2 tsp per gallon of DW have also added 5 ml cal mag as needed (I bought the AN connoisseur due to cal mag issues at start of grow in hydro/sphagnum moss)

Must say everything looks great now but I’m trying to figure out a lot of newbie worries

Specifically is it impatience (watching them swell slowly is not a good idea)

So I’m thinking it’s not enough nutrients so I research FF tiger bloom but it needs cal mag added and it’s a b____ to ph compared to AN nutrients.

So hard as it is to do, I’m using a lifeline; you all here on ILGM

Bottom line is I don’t wanna screw them up by being unintentionally GREEDY (looking at too much bud porn here will make a newb a fool imho)

So I’m thinking I’ll go back to the AN connoisseur and be maybe up it to 1 tsp per gallon (which is still relatively low for the stage they’re at)

So, having had no issues with overdoing the AN dosing thus far (6 months along total OMG) common sense says just finish up as you’ve been doing

I finally ordered a light meter to check my coverage etc and planning a flower light build with that tool in my box to eliminate THAT as a source of anxiety during the final stage.

At the end of the day I’ve got to invest way more time reading and learning if I expect to get any real bud porn pics lol

I have to avoid “let’s see your buds right now” in order to keep an even keel.

That’s been a real surprise to me, finding myself doing that ____ measuring routine like a teen ager…
After all that’s NOT why I started doing this
TY to all in advance for any feedback

4 weeks into flower? Id steady the ship. The biggest learning curve (besides over/underwatering) for beginners is PATIENCE. You maybe on track for a bountiful harvest and just looking at others almost at the finish line.

Completely understand the want to jump to baseball bat colas. But part of the fun is the process. You growing, learning, tweaking, growing somemore, tweaking a bit, refining, smoking some fire, growing even more…

If I can instill anything on new growers. Its 2 things have a HUGE impact on this hobbiy of ours.
LIGHTING!!! I cannot stress this enough. If ur inside. Ur plants will only get as good as ur lights let em.
And more importantly…
Patience and listening to your plants. No breeder knows ur environment. No company knows what ur plant needs. Its up to you to learn n listen to the leaves. We are just here for tips. The ultimate sign of a great grower is in how he/she uses the info they received.


Thank you @PurpNGold74 for the boost!!!

I’ve been dashing in and out of my tent for most of this grow out of fear (fear is a lack of faith)

Started with the fungus gnats and once they were dealt with I just watered them as quick as possible and sealed that tent back up. It’s been easy to do that for many reasons, none of which excuses my mistakes.

More to the point I’ve been juggling some unexpected time demands of late AND I have allowed this Corona virus to really intrude into my head space. Nobody’s fault but mine.

But today I had a major break through and it’s pretty darned embarrassing. I knew something wasn’t right. I tried to lay off the forum and posting stuff knowing I was in my head way too much and isolating etc etc

I had top dressed all my girls with organic worm castings just before flipping to 12/12 since I didn’t really want to do any drastic nutrient changes.

The flip was about December 1 2020 and I just recently saw this stall or plateau in the flowering. It’s been 30 years since I did an indoor grow and had them right there with me every day but something wasn’t right.

I’d been trying to follow @Hellraiser grow journal and cribbed a lot of stuff that really got me to this point

I thank @dbrn32 for his patience and had to apologize for blaming the light for Pete’s sake.

Anyway, the watering after I top dressed the girls with worm castings and micorrizae I noticed what I thought was white powdery mildew on the surface of each container. Again, first grow in 30 years and I’m too embarrassed to post pictures or ask for help. I’ll figure it out…It was new fine white roots, not mildew DUH
That should have been a clue they were not getting enough to eat

The owner/parent/custodian had neglected to provide them with their proper final living space; 7-10 gallon cloth grow sacks filled with FFHF, perlite, and micorrizae which said person had in hand at time of top dressing and light flip.

So today I realized they’re likely just very rootbound and in need of transplant. I had and HAVE everything to do that, just completely forgot about it.

I’ll get real vulnerable and ask; do you think after 5 MONTHS in veg in 3 gallon nursery pots they might be a little cramped?

If I’m wrong on this I’ll put off the transplant. I’d rather lose a week to gain on the other side of the shock; I think I owe it to them.

I watered yesterday so I’ll let them dry out before transplant. I think they’re gonna hate me for a few days but I’ll make it up to them.

SERIOUS operator error

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Hahha stuff happens bro. I shouldve askd for a pic or the age. But that my friend is a great deduction. Far too long indeed. Uppot those ladies (if u arent too far into flower) and get this maiden voyage over so you can start anew.

I bet she’s quite the bush


TY for the nudge

I’m no Watson my friend and truly grateful for your validation (I didn’t think pictures were necessary but that’s a great point to bring up as well) I think I’ve been shamed enough lol

Have 2 DoSiDo 3 Bergman’s gold leaf I GDP 1 BK 1 pure indica

I am thinking of using @monkmans 6 hours on 2 off light schedule with the 4 QB 120’s fully dimmed (hlg240h-c2100a driver so a limited dim) post transplant and hoping for a full recovery

I honestly thought the nursery pots were bigger but today I actually did some ANALYSIS of the facts…

Never gonna live this down (old Tom Waits tune I cannot recall the title)

De nada man. We are all here to get better at growing the reefers. Ur well on ur way.

Thats quite the lineup! Havent grown any of those but they on my todo list.

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The grow that Glam forgot

Popped June 2019

Flipped to flower 12-01-2019

Buds seemed to stall New Years Day 2021 (DUH)

Root bound in 3 gallon nursery pots a month into flower

Up pot or chop that was the question

Since I’m not a regular smoker anymore it was easy to go all in

Moved all to either 7/10 gallon fabric pots FFHF January 4th after using bonsai tool to pick out each plants root ball like an Afro

Watered with tap water at 80ppm PH 6.4 with micorrizae liquid formula at transplant

Dimmed light and ran 6 on 2 off cycle for a week

They look like they’re gonna make it so I really cleaned them up to see if the tops are gonna swell or stretch anymore in a week or two

Plenty of light penetration now

If they don’t get much talker or fuller I’ll probably chop them all at 60-70% amber and tell all they didn’t make it

I’ve got 5 clones waiting to go into 3 gallon nursery pots
I’ve pre cut the sides on the pots and inserted them into another 3 gallon nursery pot (FFHF again and micorrizae)

These girls WILL be moving into 7 gallon cloth sacks at week 5-6 after checking root structure in 3 gallon and putting reminder in iphone for transplant to final homes

I’ll be hoping to see better bud development after a month of flower or I may seek early retirement from this gig as well


2 DoSiDo 2 Bergman’s gold leaf 1 Pure Indica 1Bubba Kush 1Grand Daddy Purple

Quick question. Everything else sounds good but… why the 6/2 for a week? That surely confused them a bit

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I saw @monkman mentioned it on another thread regarding clones and root development. Something about the shorter photo period along with the 2 hour darkness between lights on provides stimulated new root development.

I cannot recall whose journal it was but figured I’d screwed things up so badly it couldn’t possibly get any worse.

I’m pretty confident I’ve gotten all my newbie errors squeezed into this one first time grow. I’m certainly not saying I can’t screw something else up…

I think I’m in subconscious denial to some degree about how badly this container issue affected the poor bud development. My inability to just let them finish is obvious to me anyway. I think anyone else would have quietly finished and harvested and started again.

I cannot really understand it myself, so I couldn’t possibly explain or rationalize it. I think it’s like a
psychological exorcism of sorts. A Jungian thing lol

Every day it’s a new solution . Today I’m thinking I could just harvest the tops and re-veg them since they’re in final containers now…

I’m down a new rabbit hole every day and may need an intervention…

It’s like rebuilding a classic muscle car and as soon as it’s back from final paint and detailing you decide to never drive the thing and keep finding something to change/improve…

However, I know these plants have their limits and WILL eventually make the decision FOR me and that is about ALL I know now. Lol


i run 6/2 from seedling thru veg and then go to 12/12. i remember what you are talking about about the root developement. that was brought up by someone else and i think it was conjecture but made sense to me that you are giving a young plant 3 dark periods when the plant does it’s actual growing part.


So do you run 3 sequences per 24 hours?

I think someone actually posted pictures of the clones before and AFTER a week or so.

I’ll try to find the thread

Phototron ballast finally went; (been using it just for cuttings/clones in FFHF solos) it’s been very handy for that. Waiting for delivery of new ballast from EBay.

Thanks man


yep, those are 8 hour schedules so add to 24. the folk who was talking about his clones said he could see a noticeable difference in growth using 6/2 if i remember right

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Yeah I’ve really enjoyed his journal


Nov '20

Quick update on my next set of clones…I’m running them monk style ( thanks @monkman ) it a 6/2 light cycle and I’m pretty sure the monkman can tell you lots more about it. My findings are as follows…

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Hahaah im loving the journey down the rabbit hole.

Ur harvest the tops and veg the bottoms works fine. I was looking for a pic of my Chemdawg Millionaire currently going thru the ringer. But those bigger pots would be perfect for that id imagine

The 6/2 as Monk said woulda retriggered veg. Just food for thought next round. Mistake is done and in the past :joy:



Onward and upward!!!

I think your assessment was correct; CONFUSED them since it was only a week.

I was just trying my best to let them be until they were really ready to grow again (if at all)

The Bergman’s Gold Leaf has endured better than the others I must say. They both have continued to flower in spite of me. They appear to me to be almost sativa like in their bud structure; long tall sally.