Fans and exhaust in drying room. Are they to be on 24/7?

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So, do I leave exhaust fan and fans on 24/7?

I would leave fans on all the time. As for exhaust that’s temperature related unless you’re filtering for smell during flower. If that’s the case then I leave it on constantly.

I forgot to say in my drying tent

Ah drying tent I would only leave them on for smell control. If you’re not concerned about smell I’d still leave the exhaust on but adjust fan speed for maintaining temperature.

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Hey noobie wats the best nutes n microbs?

Also I feel like my buds are nice n frosty but not reaching there full potentcy as far as the smell wats ur outlook?

Best anything when it comes to growing is subjective. I started with general hydroponics 3 part and it’s cheap and easy but owned by Monsanto. I am currently using Megacrop from Greenleaf nutrients and it works rather well and it’s super simple. As for benny’s (beneficial bacteria) I’m in hydro so only using hydroguard. But the are many options and most I’ve heard are all good. If you feel your plants aren’t reaching full potential I wouldn’t be looking at nutes. As most synthetics all have the same stuff just in different amounts. To me in that scenario I’d be first checking that you have enough lighting. And second make sure your environment controls are dead set for proper temp and humidity. VPD is those together at the correct settings to maximize the plants ability to use the nutrients and the light they are given. I thought I had a chart but I just cleared a bunch of photos and lost it. But search VPD chart for cannabis or maybe someone else will add one soon. I hope that helps.

You’ll want to keep your fans running in drying room not blowing directly on buds but keeping air moving in the room
You gotten good advice so far there are guides available as well just do a search on curing and drying

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Ive read them. Just seeking different ways. All is well :blush:

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Well now. First time I’ve heard of a drying room. Tell me why I need a drying room. Is this for large crops. We small timers don’t got no drying rooms. Sounds like a luxury I can’t afford.