Extreme newbie advice needed

Hi everyone,

Really want to give growing a go but don’t want to sink too much into this to begin with. I’m reading a lot of posts and it sounds like you need quite a lot of equipment to begin. I only plan to grow max 3 plants indoors but don’t really want to shell out major money to begin with.

What do you guys suggest for any new growers just to get into it in a really small scale?

Any help would be great. Some of the results look awesome.


@kalico .I would advise you to down load Robert’s free grow bible … then read it .Then read it again :wink:. it’ll help you a lot ,And in turn we’ll be able to help you ALOT :grin: It’s good info simple read , And solid info … And the second thing id do is ,Buy good Proven genetics right here … on the site …you’ll find the staff very knowledgeable ,and helpful … And welcome to the Forum… Hammer



What is your budget?
What is your area of grow space?
Will you need a tent?
Is smell an issue?
Are you a soil or hydro guy?
Do you have adequate electricity?
Do you have any experience with gardening?



First I would Like to Welcome you to ILGM .
No matter how you look at it, it’s going to cost weather you have 3 to 15 or 100 plants the cost is going to be up there.
Yes, there are many ways you can cut costs.
@Aquaponic_Dumme has some questions you need to think about. Here is the link to Roberts book ( The Grow Bible ). Download the Marijuana Grow Bible

This book is a must read. It will give you a much better idea into growing marijuana.
Keep us informed on what you decide to do alone with what @Aquaponic_Dumme suggested.



Budget grow is doable for :thinking:Hmmmm $300. With 200 for light plus ya seeds say fifty. $20 fox farm dirt Leaves $30 for a pot a ph meter that’s $18 got $12 left. Running an auto in fox farm you’re good on grow nutrients so with the last $12 bloom nutrients. Boo yah



Hey and Welcome. I totally agree with Hammer and Garrigan. Read the grow bible. It will help a lot. I started out with the same issue as you years ago. I was on a serious budget and wanted to get started cheap. Jheezy really went for it with a 300 dollar budget. That is highly optimistic but I agree the lights will be by far the largest cost.

If I can offer some advice and believe me I am no expert. I just slowly over time have acquired pcs that I needed for my grow. Started small and just built my equipment up. All said and told I’m in for over $3,000 for my grows but that is spaced out over the last 15 years. Some items are one time purchases. Others you need each grow.

I unfortunately cant grow outside because of legalities and proximity to neighbors. Those of you that can super jealous. That would help cut cost a lot. Good Luck. Read the grow bible and determine at the beginning what is important to you. Happy Growing!

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@kalico as another new to the growing end they are absolutely right about the Grow Bible it is a wealth of information that after all those years of smoking I had no idea about ( guess I was always to stoned to pay attention ) I to am doing a small grow to start small 32x32 tent economy 1000 watt led grow light that I’m now hearing is not so great but stuck with on my budget . Unfortunately it all adds up but you are definitely in the right place for advice the people on here will do their best to answer your questions and the guy’s who actually have been granted the privilege of being grow mentors do a excellent job of weeding out the questionable advice and giving correct info . Personally with starting out with nothing and knowing nothing I am up to almost $700 .00 and there are still things that I want ( not need but want ) As a parent I needed a carbon filter even though she is 22 she is not okay to come to the parents house and smell my grow. 300. Would have been great but this is for meds and important to get right for me so I can flush the opioid the docs keep shoving at me . Welcome from one newbie to another .

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Thanks for all the replies guys. This sounds like an awesome forum.

I’m going to read through the growers bible as suggested. Not new to gardening but very new to indoor growing. I love to DIY and love relaxing with some weed. Hate trying to find it and most of the time it’s not the type that I need. Sure you all know what I mean. I’ll update this thread and show you all what I am thinking about getting.

As for the smell, never even thought about that. I have a separate sleep out that I plan to grow in, but with summer coming up it does get quite hot in the room.

First I need to buy the seeds so what do you guys suggest getting for a beginner, as short as possible and how many seeds should I try getting in the first instance? I was thinking the AK47 strain, but need some seeds that can tolerate high temperatures.

Once I safely get the seed I’ll get everything else I need.

Thanks again for all the replies

If you go to the seed section and read it is pretty easy to follow and it tells you the characteristics of the strains the yield and how easy it is to grow . I got White Widow and Gold Leaf the WW is supposed to be the easiest most forgiving to grow is why I picked it and Gold Leaf good for pain the w widow is on special now . How many depends on what you want spend and how much room you will be able to afford to set up as a grow . A mentor will be able to let you know more specifically what you need . Good Luck

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@Jheezy was right on price if you want to grow indoors, but if you grew outdoors you can cut cost on lighting, otherwise jheezy was right on for a cheap starter set. Its not a cheap hobby, you need quality to produce quality, I started this year with ILGM beans and have $300.00 into an outdoor grow which requires different products from lets say an indoor Hydro. I’m using three types of soils, fertilizers organic bug spray etc… Its an effort of love, and theres A lot of help here.Good luck.

Hi @Aquaponic_Dumme

All in NZD$
Budget is around $200 for Grow tent (60x 60 x 180cm)
Light 600 WATT H.P.S KITSET which is around $200

I will also need a small fan and something to get rid of smell.

Do I need a tent, yes will need one, got kids so need the extra privacy that a tent affords.

Smell will be an issue if I know think about it more so for my family then any neighbours

Only interested in doing soil as don’t want to complicate it too much.

Electricity will be no problem at all.

I have experience with gardening outdoors and have had a lot of success.

Thank you for your kind reply @Aquaponic_Dumme


Theres many ways to skin a cat. Take a look at these products @ Amazon. There’s many places to get them, if you want to avoid all the shipping. Cheap was the goal here, as these might not be the top of the line. Cheers,

600 watt iPower HPS/MH - HID, ($150.00),

6in iPower Fliter and Fan, ($130.00),

25 ft × 6in iPower Ducting, ($16.00),

48in ×48in iPower Grow Tent, ($100.00),

5 gal Smart Pot, ($9.00), ×3 =$27.00,

1.5cuft Fox Farm Ocean Forest Soil, ($30.00) ×2 $60.00,

3qt Fox Farm Trio Pack, ($48.00),

Seeds from ILGM,

Total = $531.00 (+ seed cost)

You’ll also need a fan to move the air around.

With a 600watt HID light, you’ll need a dedicated 15A-20A receptacle/wire/breaker for safety. You don’t want a fire and burn down your house. Please don’t half ass it, as safety is #1.

I’d use a separate 15A-20A receptacle/wire/breaker for the air movement fan, and vent fan, along with any other utility lights to work.

I recommend also getting a humidity/Temp gauge.

Lastly, you want to locate your grow in an area that is easy to access water, can get the vents to the outside, and is easy to clean, as there always is a mess dealing with soil and water.

Good luck with this adventure. :slight_smile: