Wanted: Advice from the experienced

Hey Guys,

I’m a new member to this forum and a new indoor grower. This is going to be a multi part question and I hope all parts can be answered.

I am interested in auto flowering strains, so my first question is which strain do you guys recommend for a beginner?
The second question is are the auto flowering seeds available in the shop here high quality and worth my investment?
I’d like to hear from all of you experienced growers, and am eager to hear from those of you who have experience with auto flowering seeds and ilovegrowingmarijuana.com’s seed shop.

Thanks in advance people,

Here is the list of genetics for beginners.

All strains are quality. Read through them and find a strain you like. :slight_smile:

I would also strongly recommend Read these guides

This should get you started. Peace

NTW: I sent you the link to the best beginner strains. Later

Hey thanks Latewood. I appreciate you looking out for us beginners. I’ll look through all the study material and if I have anymore questions I’ll add them on.

Thanks again for the help.

Best way to go; And, I am sure you will :slight_smile: We will be here. Peace

Hey Buddy,
Here with a few follow up questions. Have you personally grown any of the autos offered here? And if so, which one(s)? I’m leaning towards the amnesia.

And a second question, do you think 3 105 watt 6500k CFL bulbs would be adequate for 2 or even 3 autos growing in soil?

And a third, would fox farm ocean forest be a good media to start the ladies in?

Thanks for the reading material, I feel a little more educatated and have something to look back on.

I only grow regulars. Temper expectations in regards to yield. You have good plan. Nurture the grow.

Yes. If you mean 3 cfl’s rated at 105w, converted to light intensity would be 250-300 watts output per plant.

fox farm ocean forest is great stuff.

Thanks Latewood, I appreciate you taking time to answer my questions.