Experimenting with LST

I have read about LST. This is my second ever grow. I decided to try it on a WW auto flower. I tied it off just 3 times and am impressed. Looks like I will have more than one big top bud…

Thanks for the tips…


I was forced to lst and I’m not going back. I love it and will continue using this technique. I was 5 weeks into veg and was already 3ft y’all I only have 7 foot ceilings. And was informed it would double in size. I had just attempted a fim and missed my mark. So it was a top instead. But I just pulled the top down a little each day and she went nuts. Here’s a pic of her now. It broke ground on 11/14. And I’m thinking I’m only a few weeks away from harvest.

If I would have went the whole 2 months of veg it would have hit the ceiling when I went into flower


Looking great! I would hate to think what my tent would like if not for some early lst.


I’d be very gentle with an auto. You don’t want to slow the growth in any way since you can’t control the veg time.


Thanks, Gentle is a good word for what I did. I won’t do more and the plant really seems to like it.

If you want to know what not to do, take a look at my last LST disaster.
Larfy bushy low quantity

I bent here to low to fast.
Here is a northern lights auto I did well with LST.

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