Ever had too much?

Thought it might be amusing to hear any stories of both intentional and unintentional consumption of edibles.

My story is while visiting family in another town my neice kindly got me some edibles in the form of one cube of chocolate for a migraine that was bothering me. I use edibles several times a week so didnt think twice of eating one cube although it stank good.
90 minutes is how long it takes to matabolise for me almost to the minute.
So I get to 90mins and nothing hapoening apart from my nausea getting worse. 30 mins on and im starting to lift off and continued to climb for another 8 hours. By this time im glued to my motel room bed looking through a small hole of visability lol.
Made myself get up.and have something to eat and drink but still felt sick.
Im am alot more cautious now but previously thought I could handle anything. Ego now in check !
Tell us your story of you or someone you know it should be fun. Ill tag a few to get the ball rolling.
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When I lived in a legal state, and my first edible experience, I took way to much, however was a great trip, laughed for hours and hours at South Park cartoons, a show I rarely watched. I’d do it again…


About 25 years ago I made some brownies. Upon eating them nothing happened. So the following week, after dinner I ate a brownie (since they were obviously bunk).
Then I showered and headed to work (I was working at a very busy nightclub at the time).

On the drive up I noticed things slowing down, and the road appeared very “ eerie”.

When I got to work I felt off, and the feeling was intensifying.

I punched in, grabbed my kit, and walked behind the bar. It was dark, hot, loud, and some girl immediately got in my face about something. It was far too intense. I looked at her like she had 3 eyes, said,”nope” and walked out from behind the bar and up to my gm’s office where I had to explain why I couldn’t possibly be in front of people.

I spent a few hours in that tiny office by myself. Every now and then another bartender would show up to bust my balls.

Such a rookie.


When Illinois became legal i went and purchased a syringe looking tube of thc 1000mg. Counter person said" put a grain of rice size" on a jolly rancher and enjoy. My neighbor and i thought lets do half each(500mg). I lost 3 days could not move or talk or focus. I have respect for thc now and dont listen to my neighbor…


My strongest THC buzz has been from a tincture I make with everclear (190 proof alcohol), tray cleanings (all prime bud), hash, and kief. I start it by soaking about 2 oz of tray cleaning bud in everclear for a month or 2 or 3, then filter out the alcohol, then incorporate about 10 grams of bubble hash and another 10 grams of kief, then warm water alcohol bath it and evaporate off most of the alcohol, filter off the liquid and I end up with some killer tonic. One night I did 10 dropper fulls of it and I swear I could not feel my lower body, thought i was not capable of walking or speech and the color psychedelics were crazy. My wife found me laying on the floor with the dog.


Was it RSO? I totally understand if it was hahahaha.

Dogs always understand @Hellraiser
Great story sounds like a good old time.

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Yes it was rso. I now have total respect for thc. I dont. Suggest doing what we did…

Yes, dogs seem to understand stoners.


My first time making edibles was peanut butter cookes I took a test dose age the night before 1/2 cookie I barely felt a buzz so the next night I ate 2 cookies I was beyond stoned for 30 hours I stared at the wall for 8 hours barely felt my body felt like I was going to be stoned forever I learned patience after that I make small gummies using a weighted recipe and have consistent doseage every other night. So my tolerance doesn’t get to high on ocassion I increase by one and i smoke every other.day I now respect them still get stoned af but it last 6. To 8 hours not 30 party. Safe :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah the scary thing about my tincture is that you’re still stoned when you wake up the next day, eyes red and stoned for most of the next day.


I wouldn’t mind having that recipe. Sounds like my kinda buzz. :+1: :v:


I will do a walk thru of the cook process in my grow journal.


Awesome. I’ve been reading a lot of your posts. Sounds like we both started growing around the same timeframe. I started in the mid 70’s, 75 to be exact. All of my grows until mid-late November last year, have been guerilla style grows up in the hills. I’ve got friends that have done indoor grows for years but, I never really got into it much. I always wanted my plants growing away from my home. Became a real PIA. I’m kinda digging this indoor growing thing.
Now back to the subject of this post. I had a friend of mine who made some snickerdoodles one Christmas. He gave me about a half a dozen. He told me to start with just one. Being new to edibles, I did as he suggested. I waited about a half hour, felt nothing so, I ate another. 15 minutes later, still nothing so, dumbazz me ate a third. around a half hour to 45 minutes later, HOLLY SH^T was I HIGH. :+1: :v:


We probably have a lot in common, sounds like we’re both baby boomers, we both spent some time serving our country (8 year USMC vet) and we’ve both grown a lot of weed.


I was thinking the same thing from reading your posts brother. Be safe Stay HIGH :+1: :v:

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You too bro, happy trails and keep your powder dry. I need to get to sleep, stoned as f*ck right now. Good night farmers!


Rest easy my friend 6:20am here my day is just beginning :+1: :v:


I’m pretty careful with edibles, and 5-10mg is my typical use. I’m pretty glad I never made a Maureen Dowd of myself. If I want to get extremely medicated, I vape a lot. If I overdo it, it isn’t too long before it wears off.


My better half makes edibles, and she’s notoriously “care free.
The opposite of how I am.
Measure weigh, and double check.
When it comes to edibles, you can get uneven distribution of your fats throughout causing “hot spots”.

The feeling of laying there incapacitated isn’t an enjoyable feeling to me. The short of breath feeling is not something I enjoy. So I am extremely cautious of my better half’s edibles now. I take less than she things, and I take less than I think will be too much. Or I just make my own now. Lol. Capsules I’ve found to be the best accuracy of consumption and dose.