Edibles first time

Yesterday at 6pm I ate 2 Cana butter peanut butter cookies and wow was completely stoned for around 12 hours are edibles always that strong?


Edibles, when made correctly, are very strong. The trick is in the dosing which is difficult to determine. You should always start with the smallest dose, one cookie, and if you don’t feel anything in an hour you can raise the dose to another cookie. You really have to be careful.

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6 mini brownies did nothing to me, 2 had my wife uncomfortably over stoned for about 24 hours.


I learned the hard way to ease into how much to consume. I ate a big piece of a brownie one time that almost ruin edibles for me. Now with every batch I cut them into one inch squares and only eat half of one to judge potency.
I have a hard time eating edibles I didn’t make.