Edibles / Butter

G’day tokers, Could you lovely people give me some of your measurements on strong butter mixtures without using alot of bud. I would like to use between 5-7g of material or even less if possible. TIA

Sorry I can’t help you as I need a minimum of 2 to 4 oz per edible run for a 1/2 lb of real, unsalted butter.

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Send through your recipe, there will come a time where i can use that amount for a very strong mix

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I just buy a brownie mix at the store and use Cannabutter. I don’t make edibles no more as the last batch of 4oz didn’t give mw a buzz. I have a high tolerance to everything. From Weed to Prescriptions…doesn’t matter.

Ingesting is completly different to smoking, thats so odd. Never heard of someone not reacting to a strong edible , unlucky i guess. :frowning: