End of grow Cal Mag deficiency

I am at the end of my WW grow. I have been flowering since 3/11. The trichs are just beginning to get cloudy. I am watering with ph’d RO water only (6.2)PH into soiless. I have 2 weeks to go at the most before I to dry. Should I just let it go without adding??

If you r using non organic nutes you may want to flush for two weeks. Dyno Gro’s feeding schedule tells us to flush for two.

I was not very clear…the leaves are showing Cal/Mag deficiency. I was using General Hydroponics Flora series. I cut off the nutes about a week ago. I am going to let it go the rest of the time and if the leaves continue to deteriorate so be it.

Stop cal-mag use - just use water till harvest -

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Yeah I have run into a stink issue even with the carbon filter running full…I have put plant outside until Saturday and will be harvesting starting early that morning. I have the dry and cure all figured out so I will only have to wait and see how it goes. been flushing with just water as needed. tasted the juices of some of the water leaves and there is no flavor at all so I understand that the flush must be working. Will soon be posting my results. It looks like the plant will be yielding a very good amount from what I have been reading here I expected 2- 3 ounces but it looks more like 5-6 ounces when I consider all the popcorn bud. :slight_smile:

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Tasting leaves to check for nutes during flush. Huh, I like it. I’ve chewed them for pleasure before. I’m going to add that one to my repitwa. Um, sorry, :slight_smile: shouldn’t use words I can’t spell.