Just want to check in

Hey guys just finished week 3 of flowering and the plants have just stopped growing vertically.

So far so good, I have been fertilizing weekly with FF Tiger Bloom and usually watering 2-3x in between based on the weather.

There are some orange-ish spots on the leaves and some lower fan leaves turning lighter green/yellow but I expect that happens during flowering.

Anyways I have attracted a few pictures of some of the plants and their leaves.

Let me know how everything looks and if there is anything that jumps out at you.

Thanks in advance!


Check PH when using nutes and adjust for 6 to 6.8 PH. FF nutes lowers PH.

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Are you using any type of Cal-Mag product looks like beginning of a calmag deficiency

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i am not but i was thinking that too especially since i started noticing this on other plant.
what would you recommend i use for cal mag?

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I personally use botanicare cal-mag but just about every nutrients company makes some form of it i know fox farms has Bush doctor

if i add the bush dr cal mag now is there any chance the plants will have an adverse reaction?
i’m a few weeks into flowering and this would be their first exposure to it

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No there should not be any issues that accur when treating a calmag deficiency most will recommend starting out with a full strength dose then backing off the damaged leafs wont repair themselves but you look for nice new growth to make sure you’re correcting the issue at hand I use calmag once a week on the days I don’t use nutes

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