2nd grow and I have problems

This 1 of my ww fem soaked in water on Oct. 23rd. everything looked good but know I got these spots on some leaves.

The first things folks will need to know to help diagnose:

  • How old?
  • Nutrient schedule?
  • Type of soil? (assuming soil grow)

Most problems are either lack of nutes and water, or too much. My first guess would be some kind of nutrient issue. If you’ve got a good, nitrogen-heavy fertilizer going already, you might try a Cal-Mag supplement once a week. I’ll try and find that picture of various nute problems and post it.

The other thing you can check off the list is to examine it up close with a jewelers loupe to make sure there aren’t any tiny critters running around on your leaves.

Either way, it looks like you caught it early.

@kushpa I have been giving them 3 ml a week of cal-mag using flower power nutes grow is 19-5-20 they all are in ffhf soil ph 6.5 keep water in grow room so it will be room temp. since my basement is cold now. Should I up the cal-mag I’m using r/o water

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I’ve hit my limit of expertise on this subject! :smile:

Lots of folks better qualified than me on this, @garrigan62 & @bob31 come to mind for starters… :wink:


@Gonnatry2 thanks for the tag

@kushpa are you following the flower power schedule? Have you checked your TDS?

How often are you feeding and what method are you using?

pH nutrients to 6.5?

What is runoff pH and TDS?

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You may have a cal-mag inbalance??? I was seeing a similar issue before. My problem was that there was enough cal already, naturally, and the plant did not need more, but it was mag def. I have to add mag always to my water and I do this with Epsom salt. When I started adding the salts, my problem went away.
You will need to downgrade that N before you go to flower. Do you see any clawing or just the mottled look?

It looks like a ph in balance or the beginning of one check soil ph level before you add any more nutrients to soil also get your ppm of run off at that time @Gonnatry2

@Countryboyjvd1971 @bob31 @Tr33 MY ec in is 1.4 out 1.1-1.0 ph in 6.5 (using apera ph20 meter) Ph out 6.2 - 6.3 I gave them 3 feedings 1 time a week leaves look like they are tocaing and some are bent on the ends side ways

Perhaps you do have N toxicity then. Have they been hot lately? That can cause them to drink in more and get to much N. Heat with 19%N nute could lead to N tox. Do any of the leaves look sort of burnt? or crinckly ish?

@Tr33 Here is 1 of the ww’s I’m using LED’s and when I have my glasses on it looks like some of leavesit’s just on 1 side. if it’s N toxicity what do you need to do.


@Tr33 @bob31 @Countryboyjvd1971 The hottest they have been is 80 mosy of the time 78 with lights 67 dark I run all night and pull cold air from outside in. I do have 4 fans on the floor could that be drying them out I have to water every other day to get 10% run off. Thanks

Plant looks good IMO. If suspecting a cal mag issue, the schedule calls for 5 ml per gallon. Not needed more than once a month.

I would discontinue feeding for a couple of weeks though, especially with FF.


Plain ph balanced water-no nutes- when I blow her pic up big I see what may be the beginnings of a tox prob, but I am not nearly as knowledgeable as some of the other peeps on the forum. If she were mine I would give her plain water for a week and see how she looks. Whatever is going on, you caught it early, so you did good. When do you plan to put her to flower?

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@Myfriendis410 @Tr33 I have been giving them 3ml of cal-mag a week for 5 weeks bottle says 3-5 ml a week so that might be my problem. I was going to start flowering at the first of the year. I will give just water and see what happens.


That sounds like a plan. I will be watching your post for changes.

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@Tr33 Thanks I will post a update in a week. I read somewhere for a beginner to look at the leaves when you water to check and if you have any critters or other problems like mine.


They look good to me as well
The new growth is always lighter and darkens up after a few days
they look healthy and happy @Gonnatry2

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@Gonnatry2 what size is your tent? How many plants and how many CFM are your running on the ventilation system? Do you have a speed controller?

Do you have a hygrometer in the tent? How the RH?

What size are the 4 fans in he tent?

@bob31 My ph run off was low so I flushed them got my ph up to 6.3 I’m sure I was having nute lock out when comparing pics. mine had a lot of problems going on so I see what happens the worst would b to start over.