ELECTRIC BILL with Spider Farm 1000 or 2000

I do my growing outside in Virginia. My wife has taken up a hobby growing succulents (cactuses) and now that its getting cold she moved them in the garage and has my seed started light above them. She mentioned getting a real LED grow light and started picking my brain about them. I dont know anything about them BUT if shes going that route I might sneak a plant under there for the winter.
I’m just wondering how much this will effect the electric bill per month if this 1000 or 2000 watt light runs 24/7. How much higher is your electric bill running 1000 or 2000 watt lights?
And I dont know what lights are decent quality lights. These Spider Farm I see on amazon. They worth buying?

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The spider farmers are okay yeah.

For cost you need to know your utility cost how much do you pay per kWh?

Also those lights arnt 1000w look at the actual Wattage.

They won’t need much light, the cactus.

Also run them for 16hr a day at the most.


The SF 2000 is only 200w so you probably won’t notice much of a difference in your electric bill.


Most flood lamps chew up more power then my entire grow.


Like mentioned, you need to know your rate. Then just a matter of calculating watt hours per month and converting to kwh and multiplying by your rate.

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Like others said need to know the rate, I did little math, wife had same question. I was using 2 lights now just 1, but the fans I have running in my tent, dehumidifier outside, take more power then the lights. For me my electric bill went up about 15 dollars, about 7.50 a month, pay every 2 month when starting my grow. So hardly noticeable, also good luck on the succulents my wife is doing that as well, will have a whole tent step up just for her and those things. I have no ideal what they are, Happy Wife, happy life, good luck

The SF-2000 draws 202 watts at full power. I measured mine. Can’t tell you what that might cost you in your area. But 202 watts for however many hours a day, and check your bill for usage rates, and you can calculate it.

Spider farm leds are great you wont really see much difference in ur power bill but are goin to use it for ur plants that ur growing aswell or is it only for ur wifes plants that she grows cause i can show a light that will be good just for ur wifes plants and here it is

Processing: IMG_20211019_155902.jpg…
As you can see you can change ot to red and blue with white and then full spectrum

Kinda off topic but still funny - Does anybody remember reading a true story back in the 90s about these cats who tapped a transmission line in West Virginia and set up an extensive grow in an abandoned coal mine? It’s a true story!! They finally got caught and charged, but apparently one of the guys worked for the utility company and knew what he was doing to tap the main.
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I’ve got bolt cutters - anybody got an abandoned mine? :rofl: :rofl:


Edit: Oh, for watts to kilowatts you just move the decimal 3 places to the left. So for the 202w Spider Farmer you’re burning 0.202 kilowatts per hour. So multiply that times you kWh price in your area.


My neighbor runs all the fans 2 135rspecs in a 2x2 tent and it’s about 25 bucks more a month for him 30 tops. A smaller light and some fans is not gonna make up that much of a draw on power lol. U plan ing on doing autos under the light if not in a tent??

mine is 11.05 cent per kwh
so a 202w light uses .202 kw per hour?
.202 x $.1105 is $.022321 per hour cost. That right?
$.022321 x 24 hours … $.54 … $16 a month

this correct?

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That’s if you’re going to run 24hrs a day. If you’re on 18/6 or 12/12 it’ll be less

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No. A 200w light uses 200w per hour, or 1 kw in 5 hours.
EDIT: Just saw the decimal point. You are correct!