Eight seeds a sowing

Had 8 WW seeds that I planted May 1st. I used fish fertilizer all through the veg state.The third week in August, the plants sexed and 4 were female. All the plants were 7 feet plus so was heart broken to remove the males. The remaining 4 have been flowering for three weeks. They are looking impressive. We have a very short growing season here so may have to start the seeds earlier next year as these are looking like they will be done late October.I was under the impression that Indicas were faster finishers than this. I am still using fish bloom.

Starting sooner won’t make them flower sooner outdoors. That’s controlled by the length of the day (well, the dark period) .

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Thanks. Can you recommend a good strain for colder climates?

I’ve had luck with Northern Light and Hash Plant, both from a different vendor. Everything is in the harvest window right now. I’m at the 46th parallel in northern Maine.

Thanks, I have some NL seeds. I will plant them next year.