4 week old flower marijuana plant?

A question from a fellow grower:

They popped open on April 4 and are nearly a month old. They live in the sun on a south facing window sill because the nights are still too cold outside, (35F last night). We have 30-40 degree swings in temp here being so high, (4,469’ elevation). They will go outside in about two weeks when there will be no danger of frost.

They look like pregnant 8 year old girls! Three of them are forming flowers. Is this normal for the WW Auto Flowers? Two of them are getting tall and leggy. I turn them at least once a day, and since the other three are NOT tall and leggy it has me wondering. Take a look and tell me what you think.

I have to apologize. I do not grow auto flower strain. However; I would like to say. They are definitely flowering. I have bad eyesight, but I can see it.

Someone will check this out for you, and I imagine that there is a staff member with this knowledge off the top of their head.

Take care of them! They lok healthy to me.

Thank you, latewood. It’s not your ryrs - the photos are not the greatest.
I have no experience with autoflowering either. Thanks for confirming what my eyes were seeing. I read somewhere these could flower as early as three weeks, but I don’t know where to go from here. Do I continue to use nutrients to promote veg growth? Do I top off? It is so odd that they veg and flower at the same time. There just isn’t much info on these babies. I guess I can be the crash-test dummy, but I’m hoping someone here will guide me.

I used to grow only autoflowers and I have never seen this before. I would just wait a week to see what they do. Auto’s have a mind of their own :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks Claire :smiley: Good Luck Sari’ Keep us informed of what happens Peace.lw

Three are doing nicely and had their first outing today, in full sun for about an hour, but the winds kicked up and one blew over so in they came. Two of them turned out to be boys, which is unfortunate especially for feminized seeds. The one pictured first above actually opened and dropped pollen, I didn’t let it’s twin brother get that far. Pretty sad for feminized seeds, but life’s a crap shoot. I planned for this and really only had room in the yard for three or four anyway.

When buying feminized seeds; One must be carefully aware, that feminized, does not mean you can grow them any way you want to without regard to temps, and especially humidity. Stress caused by changing the habitat can lead to feminized seeds showing male flowers, and/or hermie traits.

From not near enough light to a lot of light can stress the plant. Your plants are babies. I really feel that not enough good light at the correct amount of “lights” on, attributed to this problem.

I also feel that those plants should be a lot healthier and bigger if they had, had 16-18 hours of good light per day at propagation.

Hopefully; You will enjoy the female you have. Peace.lw

Great suggestions, latewood! In an ideal world I would love to follow this advice, and will someday, but for now we are a really small b&b inn, without even a few spare sq feet for any kind of small light setup, so these babies were started the same as any other year, and they went from young sprouts to a south-facing window sill. All I’ve got is Mother Nature. Remaining plants are small/short, yes, but very healthy and will more than catch up in just a few weeks outside here in the southwest.

Next year I will go for some thing closer to what I’ve been successful with in the past. We have a nice long season here, but family commitments will have me far away from home at harvest season, so an auto flowering strain was suggested to me to overcome the problem and still have medicine this winter.

I really appreciate the help here. Thanks everyone.

A regular 45watt off the shelf CFL kept very close to the plants will make a huge difference, try to get 5500k as a good spectrum for both veg and flower. 6500k is fine too. For flower you can add a 45-55w 2700k CFL. These bulbs are not too bulky nor expensive and will fit many regular house lamps.

I’d recommend a “architect/artist” like desk lamp that is adjustable. Something kinda like this lamp at amazon:


A lamp like that might be able to clamp to the window sill and not take up much room at all. Also you wouldn’t even need to worry about putting a timer on the light as you are using autos. You are likely to run into less light stress related problems with 24hrs of light with autos than you will with too little light.

I am going to take this advice, get a clamp-lamp and grow bulb as suggested and start 2 of my five remaining seeds. By that time it should warm up a bit outside at night. (Pray for no more males in my line up.) If all goes well, I’ll do the remaining seeds too. I’ll report back!
I sure wish I had found more info before I started. I guess I wasn’t searching correctly at the time, because there seems to be more info out there than when I started looking.

How about starting a section for auto growers here?

I’m considering saving a male to produce my own seeds. I didn’t kill them off, but rather isolated them. Should I have any fears about using these autoflower/feminized males to pollinate with?