Outdoor flowering

I will soon be shortly growing outdoors with Amsterdam seeds.for the first time. In Australia an outdoor grow takes around 6 1/2 months. The seeds I am getting state a flowering time around 9 - 10 weeks. Our days are quite long with temps around 85 to 105 degrees. Does someone know how to force flowering on an outdoor Grow. Flowering when growing inside is easy with a 12 12 light cycle
How could I replicate that outdoors. I will be using hydro chems. I though a blackout box over the plants placed at 12 /12.might work Any good ideas please


The box idea might work , but hydro nutes outside I’m not to sure about. Check with some others but I think you may need different nutes

Here in Colorado the growing season out doors is usually cot short by frost or freeze. I started double black bagging my girls in early August and will be harvesting the end of September. As you know the plants need 12/12 light to dark in order to flower. Caution, sunlight in black garbage bags does not take long to roiast you’re plants.

No advice but welcome from another Aussie grower. I’m sure someone here will have some good advice. 'Tis a great place to learn.

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Thanks Wes. Am lookin at covering up from 6pm to 6am. Hope that will work out. Temperature around 70 degrees by 6pm.
Want to thank you for such a speedy reply.

Mate tell me about it. Wish this form of support and advice was around when I started growing in the early 70’s.
Thanks for reply mate

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This is my little white widow outdoor lady. Veged in tent to give it a good start. Will just sit back and try to keep it as low and bushy as I can. Have 4 more white widows indoors also. Pics below.


Hey chewie those look awesome.
How old are they. How long do you expect the outdoor ones to take. Electricity here is way too expensive for me to grow indoors. Power costs about $1000 for 3 months.
Regards Milo

Also noted you have trays beneath your grow bags. Is that how you use

Seeds were germinated on 7th July

On racks in trays to keep them off the ground and allow air under bags. Also there to catch run off for ph and ppm readings

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Wondered how to check ph. I’ve never done it myself. Never knew it was important. Obviously you imported the WW strain. How long did delivery take to Oz. Were they from Amsterdam Marijuana seeds
You in Sydney? If you are do you know where I can score a smoke. I’m 65 and my last supplier retired. I use for medicinal reasons. If asking is not cool I apologise sincerely

Seeds were from Amsterdam and took 3 weeks. I’m not from Sydney and I’m a pot grower not a supplier. PH is very important. It dictates how your plant absorbs nutrients from your grow medium. I think you need to have a good read of the Grow Bible

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