Early finishing plants

I live in northern Michigan and could use help picking strains that finish early


Generally Idicas finish sooner than Sativas :love_you_gesture:


Fast Autoflower plants


Skittlez, Strawberry Banana but watch for herms on the fast strains.

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Ethos Genetics has some that finish in 45 days.

Pirple Majic was my favorite plant laat season.

This year adding
Planet of the Grapes
Mandarin Sunset

Also running,
Blueberry Muffin - Humbolt Seeds
Pineapple Chunk - Barnies Genetics

Im in 6a, so im starting seeds this week and keeping plants indoors till May when they go out in the gatden (after hardened off) usually harvest in September

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Lowryder, and her offspring, fast but smaller size. Depending on the pheno and mixes but that info usually available

I hope you have better luck with planet of the little grapes than I did. I found it to be finicky. Pineapple Chunk is gonna out grow it all, it’s a very loud strain to boot

Fingers crossed, only the strong will survive, lol.

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Autos and Indicas. I have the same problem in Massachusetts.

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I also did Ethos Purple Majic last year. Yes it was an early finisher.


Try bradly danks genetics.


Do they have a site?

Yes they do. Excellent genetics!

After I first read your post it sounded like you were employed by Bradley then I went to the website and found this very interesting tidbit.

“Bradley Danks is focused on making dank crosses that finish flowering early outdoors near 45 latitude.”

We need more like this Bradley Dank company who isn’t just selling regurgitated seeds that only God knows who made.

Seed based on Latitude shouldn’t be a new idea.

Guilded Genetics makes similar claim. They say for northeast growers and claim some will finish in september. Their strains are marked “early onset of flowering” and “bred for earlier flowering” stuff like that

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