Fast to harvest Autos

Good evening everyone, I got my microscope in today and looks like my girls will be ready to chop very soon. All said and done they will be probably less than 2.5 months old by time they are chopped ( just over 2 months old now).
I started looking around to see if this is common and I noticed Mephisto genetics a huge portion are finished within 70-75 days from sprouting.
It seems most people here with ILGM genetics go a good bit longer than that.

My question is what is the fastest auto you’ve had from start to finish? Not freak grows that are like 2inches but overall normal grows. Just curious and I wonder if this could be a thing that is popular in future ? I noticed the new “fast” Photoperiods so why not even faster auto flowers lol.


I’ve had autos finishing quick in the south because of the heat and sun. One finished in like 65 days from seed, started flowering at like 18 days. You can normally add about 2 weeks to the estimated timelines as they are provided based on ideal growing conditions.


I grew an ILGM LSD auto that flowered at 16 days, and finished in 79 days. Her seed sister did pretty much the same thing, except held off on flowering till day 21, iirc. They were both small, under 20 inches, but both respectable at 2 oz yields of outstanding smoke.

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Good to hear and yea mine aren’t super tall but I did train them out decent ly wife for how short they are. It’s just crazy how fast these things can grow. My wife along with myself are blown away looking at photos from may 25 when they had literally just popped out of the soil and to what they are now it’s insane.

Where’s da pics bro :thinking:

Mephisto is where I got my fast fast auto. Interestingly enough I bred her by accident (long story) and the resulting autos are ILGM wedding cake x Mephisto Samsquanch. I have reports from folks around here that it’s pretty quick to go into flower (around 30 days) but I’m the farthest into a grow of my own seed so far - I’ll have to check trichomes and report back about her speed. But it sprouted in May - so I’m at the 60+ day mark at least.

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10 weeks roughly, it went into flower at about 2.5 weeks and was pretty runty because of it , the sweet spot imo is 3.5 and if you top them 2-2.5 weeks in right as 5 th node is forming you can extend veg time a lil longer to get there


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Last seed buy I was sent free seeds of Snow White auto. I grow hydro but grew one in soil just to see what would turn out. It was completely finished in 65 days and yielded 6oz.of big buds. Unfortunately one vape session and it caused paranoia which I haven’t had in years so I gave it all to my son who loved it.