Dyin seedling

My plant looks like its dyin i planted it oct 8th and been using nut big bloom 2tsp
And i just used grow big yesterday 2tsp im not understanding whats going on

Are you in soil? If so you should not be feeding yet. Big bloom should be fine but grow big is real potent, it will kill a seedling. Looks overwatered as well.


mother earth coco & perlite

I don’t grow in coco, let me tag @MattyBear so you can get his input.

ok and if over watered should i change it into a new cup of coco & perlite

What are you ph-ing your water at?

And do you have good drainage in the cup?


Nah, just let it dry out for a day or so…

Idk much about coco bit I think it’s typically a “flood and drain” but I really don’t know much about coco my freind :confused:

between 5.5 and 6.5

Welcome BTW sry mate just realized you was new :grin:
I wish I could be of more help but I don’t know coco.

It looks like nutrient toxicity to me but I’m not an expert so we let someone else judge.

Ph needs to be between 5.6-6 with your target number at 5.8-9. Do you have proper drainage in the bottom of the cups?


yes i do about 5 holes

Let it dry out for a day and then feed at the proper ph to runoff. Do you have a ppm/EC meter and a ph meter?


And do you have the feed schedule for the Fox Farm nutrients?


At the right tds conversion 500 /700 scale

Thats ur problem you have fed ur plant nutrients when its to young i would water it with plain water ph at 6.5 for awhile ,if u do give ur seedling nutrients use a ml of liquid kelp fertilizer in one ltr of ph water

They’re in coco


Coco needs nutrients from the get go and also not ph’ed to 6.5


Definitely over watered. I would go ahead a replant it in a bigger pot, and don’t water for a while.