Durban Autos, First grow, Need advice please

So forgive me if this is a dumb question but Im brand new and bought this lil setup on Amazon and have some Durban Poison autos starting…

  1. Is it crazy to try to to let a couple of them go the full time in this thing? (The light goes up to 3 feet high and I was thinking maybe I could train them to stay short and bush out?
  2. Would it be smarter to let them go for a while in this lil hydro setup and then move them into soil at some point? Ive got a bag of happy frog and a bag of salamander soil.

I also live on a large piece of land in south Mississippi where I could put them in the ground as well…
Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated, again, I’m brand new and just trying to have the first shot at growing go at least halfway decent lol


Hey @Sidewalksam , Welcome to the forum.
I saw this on the other thread too.
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That light should work for sprouting seeds but wont grow anything to maturity. You will need a much stronger and better light to grow them indoors. Outside is an option and if you go that route we can help with that too.
Which way are you leaning at the moment? Indoors or out? Do you have a budget for equipment? Space inside if you go that way?

Edit: I looked up the unit you have on amazon and found the light is 21 watts. You can figure it will take 150 watts of good LED lighting to flower a single plant to maturity. In a tent situation you want something like 40 watts per square ft of floor space. So a 2x4 tent needs around 300 watts of light. You have to be careful on amazon as sellers inflate their claims saying stuff like " 1000 watt equivalent " . If you decide to purchase a light check here before you do and ask if its a decent light. HLG Lighting, Mars Hydro and Spider Farmer all make good lights that do a fine job. There are some others too but care should be taken.


Right now I don’t have the budget for the right equipment so I’m gonna go outdoor I guess. Will an auto do okay outdoors? Ive been reading a lot about them needing an 18/6 schedule.

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They will do fine outside. Just make sure you harden them by gradually introducing them to direct sunlight. Giving them a couple hours the first day of real sunlight and increasing it each day unto they can tolerate all day. Plan on taking a week, so adding an hour a day each time should get you there.


Really appreciate the help.
I’ve got 5 plants going in pots outside already, not sure what they are or if they’re fem or not, a buddy just gave them to me. I’ve had them in direct sunlight the whole day and this is 15 days above ground for them. I feel like I may have over watered, or maybe the direct sunlight all day was too much for them. Anyway, they’re just kind of an experiment I guess but Im really wanting to baby these new autos.


One plant growing in the aero grow will drain the reservoir fast when full grown. But using it to start plants and then moving them before their roots can entangle is great.