Drying problems and Curing questions

I harvested last Weds afternoon, trimmed each branch off the main stem, and hung them upside down in an empty grow tent. After the first day the RH in the tent was 77%. I added a 190 cfm exhaust fan and the next day the RH went down to the 60’s followed by a couple days in the 50’s. Yesterday it dipped to 45%, but still none of the branches snapped when I bent them. I turned off the fan yesterday and let it sit one more night.

Today I took it down and am putting it in jars. The stems still don’t snap, but the buds are completely dry. The first 3 jars I filled are sitting at 48% 50% and 51% and don’t seem to be climbing.

So, did I blow it? They are already dry and cured? Smells nice and gets me stoned, but I thought the weed was supposed to improve through a cure, so did I miss out on that?

Is there a point to rehydrating the weed in the jars with a piece of wet paper towel or something? Will that do something to make the weed better?

You could put a few drops of water on a paper towel and put it in the jar. When RH extends too low for my preference I usually just use a syringe to put a few drops of water in the jar. RH then corrects pretty quickly.

I’m not sure you are missing out on anything. A transient down to 45 or so shouldn’t be too much of a problem as long as you don’t let it sit like that for days.

I would get it corrected quickly. Drying and curing are the most important factors for taste and the other things that take place during the overall cure.


Ok, that’s what I was wondering. So I should get it up to the 55-62 range?

I’ve never successfully done this before, this is my second plant. The first died immature. I attempted to cure it, but it was just meh. It was in the mid 50’s and I brought it up to 62, then burped the jars daily until it ended back around 55. It didn’t improve much, but probably because it was immature.

I should be attempting to get it up into the 60’s, and do gas exchanges daily?


@MidwestGuy does it matter how packed the jars are?

I’m using 64 oz jars, and have 2 filled to the top so far, but the buds are not very dense.

Is it important for the air to circulate when you open the jars?

Would I be better off only filling the jars 80% or something?

It’s not jam packed in, and the buds are not very dense, just not sure what I’m doing and it didn’t seem effective what I did last time.

Yes. Don’t pack them too tight. I drop mine in and don’t let them settle so that there is plenty of room for air to circulate.


I fill my jars 3/4 full & lay em on their side so there’s a passage all the way to the bottom of the jar. Then when you take off the lid the carbon dioxide (heavier than air) will flow out freely while on its side. I also use R.H. adjusting packets when they seem to be stabilized. (62%) An yes the wait is worth it while curing it gets alot smoother smoking & the THC % goes up some. The smoother smoke is from the chlorophyll going away. It’s a bitch to wait but I would. Also my 1st few plants were LARFY buds and the branch’s snapped on my 1st. buds were too dry, 2nd one branchs bent but buds felt dry so I bottled them & they were just right. Now I’m getting tighter buds (thanks to this forum) & its back to waiting for branchs to snap.