Drying and curing help

Ok so I first started last year around Thanksgiving and after a little trial and error I landed my first harvest. Was good smelled good tasted good. I am now on my 3rd and biggest harvest at 2 1/2 lbs and here is my problem. The last 2 harvests were great as far as yield but both times my smell and taste went away. I mean they smelled great through the drying but when I cure the smell and taste have all but hone. The bud will still rip your head off and shit down your throat but no smell and really no taste. Anyone out there every run into this before? Thanks in advance.

Nutrients-Gen Hyd
2 1000w hps
RH= 50%

Drying and cureing inside a 48x48x80 vivosun tent with a small fan in the bottom and 4" exhaust fan with a vivosun carbon filter and temp is 70°-75• with a TH of 55%


I would dry at 60f and 60% rh, in the dark, having harvested after a long dark period (48hrs).