Droopy stem after run off

Yesterday, I had some run off after watering my plants (still in vegetative state). It was only a small amount of run off but earlier today, the stem has gone completely drooped. Is this a sign of overwatering or lighting? Its in 7 gallon pots.

Ps - I’m a first time grower.

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Need pics , but ya , it’s overwatering…
Can tell from your words…
Biggest mistake all of us nebies make…
Just cut back on your watering…
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Thanks man. That’s my sense as well. Camera on my phone has been playing up but this off a wifi camera. Outside of watering, any tips for recovery? It’s a no-till set up by the way.

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It also looks like the stem is quite long and she could have been stretching for more light and toppled over.

My random thoughts:
Lower the light to stop the stretching.
Build a mound of dirt around that long stem to support it.
Could try tooth picks, wooden skewers, chop sticks with twist ties to support her.
Supplement with a silica solution or aloe vera to build stronger stems.

Some of these things I have tried others I have read about on this forum. Best to you!


Thanks heaps for this. The stem is definitely quite long, I’ll try these things and see how it goes.


Just paying it forward. Since the plant on the right is not stretching you may want to raise the plant on the left instead of lowering the light - preferably with something inert like plastic or styrofoam. I have used plastic milk crates, plastic tubs, or stacked pieces of styrofoam before. Is this going to be your grow journal or do you have a separate one someplace here?

Also test the heat at the top of your plant with your hand. You don’t want to burn up your little girls.


Welcome to the community @hobbyfarmer
That little plants had light stretching and over watering like @JaneQP said some dirt to fill the long stem and something to hold you stems to get straight growing

Happy growing


Agree with @JaneQP add a couple inches of medium carefully if you are in soil you should not be watering to run off at this stage 2 or 3 oz of water every few days you should fill out a support ticket so the experts him can help you better

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Yeah looks like it was so long if a stem that it took on water from when u fed and got heavy. I’d try and bury as much of the stem as u can get even if it takes digging out a massive scoop of soil with the plant and someone taking a bit out so u can set it lower but might not need anything but filled up to top of pot almost. Whatever part of stem that gets buried will start to form roots from it also as time goes so it will help sturdy up the plant a bit for u for when it gets bigger. If that’s coco water to runoff atleast 20% Everytime or u will cause buildups to happen and u don’t want that if soil is another ballgame

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Thanks everyone for your advice, I really appreciate it. I’ve made some changes so we will see how we go. Thanks again.


Hi team,

I thought I’d post some photos following everyone’s suggested changes:

They have worked an absolute treat, thank you very much, particularly @JaneQP! Great suggestions. Moving the light has accelerated their growth but dealt with the stretching issue. It has a little hole in one of the leaves, which I imagine is from when it drooped over, but hopefully that’s OK.

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