Drooping plants - runtz


My two runtz plants are drooping after I transplanted them into the pots. I’m not sure if I’m under or over watering? Any advice? How much water should I be adding at this point?


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Looks like a little shock get them some water and put a dome on them and how far it your light from them

More soil is needed in your pots. And the clear dome will help. she is stretching for the light

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I think you may have transplanted too soon, but since you have….

I may be in the minority here, but I think you should give the pot a good soaking to the point of getting a little runoff. As the pot dries out over four or five days from the top down the plants roots will search out the moisture further down in the pot and stimulate root growth.

Many others on the forum water a little bit every day or two and never soak the pot enough to stimulate root growth beyond the first few inches of soil. I don’t have any actual statistics on plant growth, but my pots are always packed solid with roots to the point where any thought of reusing the soil would be far more trouble than worth.


I have a flexstar 120W dimmable LED light at 50%, about 2.5 feet from the plants. I added a substantial amount of water around the plants last night and they are doing better. I will continue to try and keep all the soil moist. I’ve got domes arriving from amazon today. What is the suggested humidity at this point? Mine is around 55%, temperature 77.

Humidity inside the dome should be very high, it will sweat inside. Your light, download the photone app, and id put light on 100% but raise it untill plants get 550 or so UMOLs. Less heat near them, same amount of light.

@Jarlax I downloaded the app but can’t get above 200 umol’s when selecting full spectrum light (which these are). When I switch it to red/blue it shows more like 500 umol’s. I actually had to lower the lights to get it that high. Any ideas?

I saw in another post that the DLI should be between 10-12 at this early point so I adjusted the lights accordingly.

I usually go about 500, but i have some pretty powerful lights that are 1100 umols @ about 18" . 400 should be ok also. To low and they stretch real bad, to high, you cookem.

Well things rebounded quite nicely. Here we are 16 days later and one is doing really well, while the other has started to significantly droop.

The main stem of the droopy plant seems flimsy. The water is moist down several inches at least. Temp is 80.1 and humidity is 62% right at the plant. Should I consider completely repotting and adding supports to the stem?

Let me know if you want any more details about my setup.

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A little breeze will strengthen her. Indirect. Not all plants pray. Some i grow even same strain always look like umbrellas. Some reach up. Watch for signs of stress as leaves getting wonky. Color changes. New growth conditions. See none and all routines that got her there stay the same…kick back and let her do her thing. Just me.

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Well it turned out the the plant got twisted around so bad that the stem detached from the root :frowning:

A lot more soil. Fill it up to a little below the bottom set of leaves. She’ll strengthen up. Like they said above, “dome it”