Drooping top leaves

Hello everyone, I need help! This is my first grow. The girls were doing great. At least they seemed to be. . I think i let them get too big. I have trimmed according to the many videos I’ve watched. They looked healthy with lots of flowering sites. But suddenly two days ago the top leaves of the two tallest plants started to droop. I have four growing, the other two are fine. They are about four feet above the 5 gallon pale. Is it possible that I let them get too close to the grow light? I watered them yesterday and again today. There was no over run in the tray beneath the pales either time. I gave them nutri grow on Tuesday ( today is Thursday ) I increased the amount to 3 large teaspoons. Did I over do it?

Yes you can get too close to the lights. And you should water until you get run off, then allow soil to dry out a bit between watering. You need to provide more information and pictures for people to help.

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Hi, this is going to sound stupid but I have no idea how to copy/paste!
The plants are in buckets with a 600 watt LED. I made the grow area and will have to add to it to move the light higher. For right now I opened the sides and moved the plants farther away. I also added water again. Will check for runoff. They have been in veg for for about two months. I have kept air moving, and intended to close of the rooms windows with blackout curtains in the next day or so. Then start. 12 on 12 off for flowering. I will attempt to send photos later. I have to go out right now. I know I’m probably the kind of first timer that makes you crazy! I’ve been reading and watching info as much as I can. If there is a video at there that truly covers all aspects, problems and solutions please let me know. I appreciate your patience and help.
I’ll check back later,
Thank you