Drooping on and off

Hey guys and girls, I just hit flower stage the other day yay. I’m having an issue with my plants drooping from time to time. I cannot seem to figure it out. I’ll post a before and after. No changes made to environment or lighting. DLI is between 35-40 ppdf around 550-600ish temps during day usually 78-81 solid and RH 50-60%. I have tons of air coming in from an ac infinity S4 and a smaller ac infinity raxial on other side and a T6 exhaust fan up top. Have a fan on floor blowing in between all 3 plants on low. The Pic where they are perky was yesterday morning ( 4hrs after lights came back on) also was day after watering and nutes.
The droopy Pic is a day later ( this morning) about 3hrs after lights on.
Any clue? They are doing amazing and been exploding, they are 32 days old today. This is the only issue that seems to come and go and I cannot figure it out it’s driving me crazy. Only thing I can think is humidity but I was under assumption to drop it once flowering and I did from 60-70% to 50-60% that’s the only real change recently.


Oh and night temps drop to 65-70 during lights off. I’m giving them 1.5 liter of water every 2 or 3 days whne almost dry, by almost dry I mean pot is light and soil is dried up an inch or two deep( 3 or 4 gallon pot I’m not sure exactly). Could they need more water sooner? ( also yes I know the closest one has a leaf I need to trim that was in soil)

water more often…1 gallon every 2-3 days is more in line but go by the soil…and 1-2 inch deep dried soil is not a good condition…I used to stick my finger in the soil and if stuff stuck to it then was ok but if it came out without anything on it …it is time to water

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When I water I do to 20% runoff and usually 1.5 liter is about there. So I should give more? Also the pots are very light compared to when wet I haven’t weighed but it’s close to dry weight whne I water going off of my weak ass pikcikg them up wet VS dry lol

runoff can be a function of how airy your soil is…if you have a lot of vermiculite or something similar in it…then it will drain fast and not retain moisture…


Makes perfect sense and even more so since the day after watering they look amazing but a day goes by and they look sad. I’ll try and increase water to 1 gallon. I appreciate the help

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and if the soil is really dry water will just run thru it and cause a big runoff until it starts to absorb water again

Ahh OK, being new to this I didn’t think of small details like that. That makes me feel better, now to perk my babies up. Do you think I should go ahead and water them today or wait until dry?

do my finger test and tell me what happens

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Soon as I get home I’ll check it. I’m with my wife right now had to leave, her family putting down her childhood dog who’s like 20+ years old. I appreciate the help a ton and really makes sense, so much to learn especially never having messed with plants of any sort before and jumping head first into this.

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oh man … I can feel her sorrow as I am dealing with one of my old dogs who is about on his last legs

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Yea it sucks, her dad has probably put it off longer than should have and I get that but it’s never easy. I was fortunate growing up ( I say that but not really I missed out on pets) but my family never kept dogs long enough to have to go through this but w eboth are more of an animal people than people people.

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Although this forum has given me hope with people. I’ve never seen a community like this. Everyone helps, nobody is toxic or trolling just all around good folks so far. Gives me hope for people and not just my cats and frogs and other animals I have at the house :joy:


I agree…the moderators and regulars keep things right so you only get good advice…I have accounts on 3 other forums but rarely go there anymore…this one can be overwhelming with all the topics…I like to say it is like the lazy river at the water park…you just find a spot and jump in


Iv eonly been here just over a month and already I’ve read damn near everything I could. My stats already, I love learning and this whole thing has been very fun so far and rewarding.


one piece of advice for you…your grow is yours and you need to tailor it to your environment and take notes each day of what you did and what you saw…what works for others may not work for you and ■■■■ versa…crawl, walk then run past me


Yea I’m slowly learning that. And yea I have super detiald notes, it’s been relatively I don’t want to say effortless because I have tons of time and effort in the last 30 days but overall they have been on cruise control doing amazing for most part. If I make it to harvest and they end up well I’ll just duplicate what I did. I kind of took bits and pieces from multiple sources and smashed together to see what works and fingers crossed so far so good.

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Something else that would be wise of you to do is confine your questions to one location: set up a journal and post questions there. That way you can easily find information you received months earlier.


I have a journal and neogror been helping but I didn’t want to bug him more than I already have lol

Wait till you have been here 1k days.

I spend way to much time here.