Drooping plants

Hello, I am a newby growing 3 plants, two of which are drooping badly. My first thought was under watering but after giving them some water, they did not rebound at all. My next thought was that they were getting cold during the 6 hour dark cycle at night (65-68 degrees) so I added a heating pad during this time but this didn’t help either. The midday temps run about 74-75 degrees. Humidity is very low (20%) because the cold winter temps. I spray the walls down with water and make sure there is standing water in the tray to generate some additional humidity. However, I am currently drying the plants out a bit in case it was an overwatering problem.

I have been using distiller water and have been watering all 3 plants on a similar schedule. Small doses of water when the soil felt dry with little to no runoff. I’ve added no nutes. Interestingly, the two drooping plants are in Miracle gro starter mix while the strong plant is a 50/50 mix of miracle gro starter and fox farm ocean forest. Not sure if this is relevant tho.

Any help would be greatly appreciated though!

When watering in soil; One must drench the soil with properly PH’d water. You wan tto see an overflow of 10-20% A typical plant saucer should hold the correct amount of overflow. You drench; You allow to alomst competely dry out. Drench again. reapet cycle.

PH is crucial. Make sure you never apply water or nutrient solution that is not properly PH’d. Soil PH is 6.5

Will do…should I let them dry out before watering with 10-20% runoff? I downloaded the grow bible and will reread the section on watering…

Thanks again!

If they are only patially wat, drench them. If they are pretty wet; Still, let them dry for a day or 2. …Glad to help :slight_smile: