NEED HELP Plants are dropping over

I’m on day 17 and my girls are looking very droopy. I don’t know if it’s from under watering or overwatering. I’ll put some pictures down below and if you can tell me what’s wrong with them I would really appreciate it.

Looks pretty moist you’re probably over watering them , let them dry out and they’ll probably perk up

yeah I just gave them a watering this morning. How often should I be watering in these solo cups?

IMO you should think about potting them up.


Holes in the bottoms of the cups?
Lift them when saturated like now and feel the weight then wait until it’s a lot lighter and water again.
I Don’t use solo cups but regardless lift them daily and you’ll get the hang of it wether a solo cup a 1 gallon, 3 gallon 5 gallon pot rock them or lift them and you’ll get to know.
I would use a pump sprayer and keep the top of soil moist between waterings regardless of pot size and all the way through the grow. This helps keep the living soil…well living…water is life

Hope this helps


Thanks bro this helped a lot!

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I’m new at growing. It looks like you just wanted them. They usually droop just after being watered and perky again.

If they don’t point up in a couple of hours remove from plastic cup so the soil can dry out faster if wet soil is the case. Add fresh dry soil at the bottom of cup for faster results.

If it stays droopy Don’t add any more nutrients and I ph my water at 5.5 to 6.3 and ppm @ 100 to 250 for seedlings ( see picture for my ppm schedule)

I hope you find a solution