Leaves are drooping

I watered them last 2 days ago and they were fine then. I checked last night and thought maybe the were dropping since I had just turned my light on, but now it’s gotten worse. My leaves are completely turned down and touching my other ones. What do I do?

How much did you water last time ?

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I am having trouble on this grow, being it’s my first time, and it is solely my fault. I was unprepared and lazy. I have more seeds, so I could start again. I just would need to get the correct light, soil, and most importantly dial my PH in on my water. What are y’all opinions?

Just until the top of the soil was not muddy, but fairly damp and then I let them be. The next morning it is typically pretty dry

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Prob over watered let them dry out


Just until the perk back up?

No just let it dry out till the soil is almost dry then water very little. Weed doesn’t like being wet all the time having some dry soil is fine let them dry completely out before u water again u have a big pot for a seedling so just leave it for a few days they will perk back up then just leave them. There’s probably a ton of water in your bag rn


Id probably water about a half a cup to a cup at a time pur it in a ring 4 inches away from the plant as it will encourage roots to grow outward to find water