Plants Drooping

Good morning, I am having a problem with my plants drooping! They had been doing great and about a week or two ago they looked a little droopy. I don’t think over watering is the issue, but they are not dry. The only thing I have done differently is I aerated the soil in the pot, working down a couple inches into the soil with a small 3 tine fork. I disturbed some of the roots, and am curious if that could be the issue? Ph, lighting, ventilation all seem to be normal. Any suggestions? Pics attached.

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Disturbing roots could shock plant. What’s your growing medium, feeding/watering schedule, ph, ppm, and stuff like that?

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Unless you went all the way to the bottom…fluffing the soil will not cause the problem you are seeing.

Water lightly…come back in 20 mins. See if your lady has “perked up”.

When the plant has big full nicely colored leaves…but is drooping…it’s usually lack of water OR too much heat. Also maybe both.

No big worries at this time. Best if you get a PH n PPM Meter set for $20 online.

Thanks, Ph is right around 6.5, at least the water is, I haven’t measured the soil, but assume if you use 6.5 Ph water then soil should be in line. Maybe the wrong assumption? I usually water 2-3 times a week, and feed every other watering. I am gonna let them dry out, and I am thinking that disturbing the roots, even though they were near the top, could have distressed the plants some. The heat in grow room is usually between 75-80 degrees F. I have a ppm meter and will have to get it out and figure out how to use it!

Check this thread as well. May not be the same problem, but good info anyway.

Does that pot have holes in it to allow the excess water to run out?
If not, you might have dry soil at the top but very wet at the bottom, hence an overwatered plant.