Dried for 6 days, curing already at 44% humidity on day 1

I had some buds I harvested and hung in a drying basket for 6 days. Temp ~ 65, RH ~45. After 6 days they were dry. Put in mason jars along with temp/humidity devices (found on a thread here). I am at 73 degrees and 44% humidity from the start. Do I need to rehydrate them? I had ordered some Boveda RH 62% packs but did not use them. Not sure if those will do that.

Was my drying area too dry? I have a lot more I just hung up so I need to determine if I should move those as well - on day 2 of drying those.


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Try placing a fresh leaf in the jar.
I have sometimes put a bit of paper towel with a drop or two of water to give it some humidity.
Monitor it a few times a day if possible.


Another question here. Assuming I do get it to the desired range, what then? I mean like if it hit that tomorrow. Just not clear - am I looking for a stable RH for a length of time?

Thanks again

it will take some time to stabilize at the 58-62% sweet spot.
Adding something of higher humidity will raise it above the target spot. Then after a day take it out and see where it has landed. Lather rinse repeat…It just takes time to get it back up.


on drying the rest, would you suggest i change that up to prevent from drying so quickly?

try to get the RH up in the dry area
55-60 would be better and slow down the spped.

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If you can’t change it to 60F/60%, check on it daily! Try the snap test on a branch, when you bend it does it snap or just bend? If they snap, off to trim jail with you! Otherwise check the next day.

Mine seem to dry at 3 or 4 days, depending on the season.

If they only have a day in jar givem 48. A lot of times they are moister than you think. Sometimes after 48 hours.you will see 65 or 70.