Downfalls of chocolate chip cookies

I’ve made two batches of chocolate chips with my canna oil (coconut oil). I use 1/4 cup canna oil and 1/4 cup butter to make a batch of 24 cookies. This results in approximately 1/2 tsp of my oil per cookie, which for most people I know means two to four servings per cookie. My oil is relatively strong as I used a lot of bud in it.

The downside is that with chocolate chips in the blend, some bites have a heavy amount of chips and less batter, and some bites have mostly batter. Dosing is not straightforward. In hindsight, it seems as if I could have gone with less canna oil in the recipe so that I could have one serving per cookie - that would make it at least a little more even between cookies. Or, I could make cocoa sugar cookies and melt an even amount of chocolate over the top. That would allow me to quarter the cookies (or just bake them smaller) and ensure very even dosing.

My brownies turned out much more even, but with 1/3 c of my oil in the batch, they’re insanely potent. I drew a skull and crossbones on them when I bagged and froze them.


I think my next cooking experiment is going to be this recipe. I will omit the candy canes. The full recipe calls for 12 tbsp of butter, so it gives a lot of room for dosage adjustments in my butter/oil blend.

I think I can probably size them so that one small “thin mint” cookie is a dose. I hope to bake them in the next week. I’ll report back on how it goes if I do.