Do I cut the budder or use the whole batch?

Hi all. Currently making my first batch of budder. Best activity I could think of for a night home on NYE! Using one oz WW flower with 2 cups butter and following previously posted directions. Plan to make cookies with it in order to control the dosing. Seems like that’ll be some seriously potent budder so I’m wondering do I just use the full batch of budder or so I cut in regular butter for a single batch of cookies? I’d like one cookie to do the trick but not go into a coma from two :laughing:. Your thoughts & experience?

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I’m fairly new to edibles, I actually stopped doing the oil infusions because of the lack of being able to dose properly. You would need to know the THC% of your plant first. If you google Edible Dosage Calculator, there are several out there, you just need to guess at the potency of your plant.

If you’re interested in my blog on edibles that I just started check it out! As you see, right now, I only use clean concentrate just because of the ease of proper dosing and because I find the edible doesn’t have a strong pot taste.


I just mad brownies and used only my infused butter and coconut oil, half a brownie makes me sleep great. The recipe called for a 1/4 cup of butter and tablespoon of oil. Mine was made from white Widow trim and smaller bottom fluff buds. I.have no idea what the thc was of what I used or how much I’m dosing, I just start with small amounts and work up. Also, if you like coffee, adding a bit of the butter with some creamer is great.


Thank you! This is fantastic @Caligurl. I’m a newbie also and trying to figure out lots of ways to use all the fruits of my efforts :sunglasses:. For my first foray in to edibles I used an oz of white widow in to a pound of butter. From the smell I thought my first batch of cookies would taste NASTY but, surprising, they tasted ALMOST like regular yummy chocolate chip cookies. Could barely taste the magic. My taste testing friends agreed. Test marketing is important right?:laughing:. As for dosing I’m going to use the THC guide from ILGM and assume the potency is a bit less as they say “up to”.
Appreciate your blog and link!

Will know in an hour or so how they actually came out… I’m feeling…positive…:wink:

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@Yamimommy, I found this in another thread BlackThumbBettys Cannakitchen - hope it helps. It think the key is using only enough budget or oil to cover the weed.

Basic Budder/Cannacoconut Oil

Infusing a fat based carrier fluid with cannabis is probably one of the easiest ways of starting down the Edibles Road.

It’s a method which doesn’t require a lot of finesse. You decarb your material, submerge it in oil, cook it for a bit, then strain it. Boom! Done! With this ease comes a drawback: whatever the fat absorbs, it stays absorbed; there’s no filtering out the undesirables (though, you can “clean” it a bit) or concentrating it down.

Think of this method like brewing tea using fat. You need enough fat to cover your starting material, which is the limiting factor to potency. Depending on the method you use, the final product can actually end up tasting like a weedy-oily tea. To prevent the funky flavor, I recommend preparing budder/cannacoconut oil using ghee or coconut oil, with zero added water to the mix.

For estimating potency of infusions, the THC/CBD% is needed. If you don’t know it, start with an average 15%:
15% of 1 gram=150mg
150mg of Cannabinoids per gram of buds
300mg of Cannabinoids per gram of kief
30-40mg of Cannabinoids per trim

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Thank you @Caligurl. @blackthumbbetty has so much info it’s hard to sort through! I’ll specifically look for her Cannakitchen. I used water this time around so I’ll definitely try it next time without the water and with coconut oil. Slight green taste heated in the water and butter mix but, surprisingly, really not strong at all. Good to eventually try ALL the methods and see which works best. Will also keep that nice potency guideline. Used an online calculator as you suggested and seemed to work just fine! I’d say the results of the calculator were pretty much in line with the effects of the cookie. Fun night :yum:

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Niiiice! Happy New year! I have more recipes coming soon!