Dose anybody remember red hair senceamilliam

Back in the1970and80this was popular is still around or something like that.

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Various strains will sometimes have different colored hairs, or pistils. Typically most do become kind of orange-ish. But some look, more red, some maybe more yellow, and some even a pinkish or purple.

Strains from the Hindu Kush often have some of the reddest hairs. They are the ones that look magenta or pink when fresh, before they start to brown and then look more reddish brown.

You had mentioned brown weed before, carotenoid pigments in some strains are responsible for the yellow, orange, red, and brown colors in the leaves and other tissue like the stems, branches and petioles. Anthocyanin is responsible for the purple pigments and is found more in strains with Hindu Kush or Colombian ancestry. But enough anthocyanin is found in all cannabis that all will turn purple-ish if it gets cold night temperatures during the end of flowering.



If you were on the left coast (CA) I remember many encounters with what was lovingly called California Red Hair Sensimilia. It was an awesome smoke and tasted and smelled like evergreen. That stuff was so sticky that a pin joint was impossible to smoke as it clogged before two tokes! An oz of that would last a LONG time. I still believe that was the best MJ I have EVER smoked Except for Thai sticks that I got in Thailand when traveling ! That is not really a fair comparison though, the Thai sticks were sprayed with Opium.


Wow Tex you are so right about the red hair. I graduated high school in 70.
That Thai stick with Opium was crazy good. From what I remember the red hairs were what we call the pistils now days. There was not much of it around at first, 99% was just Mexican or Columbianweed seedy as hell. $70. For a key.
Then the weed really got good some of my buddy’s brought stuff from NAM.
Those were the days.


I remember tie stick also my wife and got married in 1984 and I had some seeds one of them ended up being red hair since it was great.I would like to find some more.thanks.(ps) I know I wasn’t going crazy.haha

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(ps)2 that means that your an old timey dud to.haha

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There are many companies on line that sell different seeds. I ran across it a while back, can’t remember the site. It didn’t appeal to me as I have a small grow space and that red hair was monsters that I saw on the left coast. Would love to get some but I can’t see how I can grow it ! Maybe I’ll get adventurous and try to tame one. Take care and have a good grow.

I still have some of the seed s we got back in 74 good columbium . pure sativa .best used out doors then find genome for the sensimilla …or breed stock , been in my possession since i got em


Not a topic I wanted to debate, but I can honestly say that the Acapulco gold and Panama red from back in the early 70’s was the finest marijuana I’ve ever smoked in 50 years.

The main reason I’m starting to grow now is not only the high price for weed from the dispensaries & caretakes is in my area but because the weed is marginal, in my opinion.


you want to debate what ??? lol lol

Lol well… This topic tends to cause arguments among my friends so I’ve kind of learned to avoid but yeah honestly I’ve never smoked anything even close to old school bud


I think the differences mite be a lot of the compound’s found in mj , as the original 3 strains were breed into one another this changed a lot of these components .NOT talking Thc levels … but all the other compounds that interact with the thc… NO Shooting please lolol Sent Mac G a invite on this think their old school may have an inside veiw

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I’ll find that picture and post it, I know I have it but I just don’t want to wrestle with all those old ghosts in that stack of pics right now.

Not saying that all the weed was great way back when, I don’t remember it that way at all, but I do remember several exceptional strains, most notably was Acapulco gold and Panama red, and then they went away forever… :disappointed:

I think now there’s a lot of worrying about it tasting like fruit or being a certain color or some other gimmick and seems to me like everyone forgot about the high? Just my opinion, but I’m smoking White Rhino that’s 21% right now and I just finish something was 27% and I wouldn’t buy either of them again (state weed)

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yeah im getting old too …haha

It could be the situation, how, when, who you smoke with…
Just saying, get high as a teen with friends…you know someone will do something stupid (teens, remember)…then watch as their best friends will be rolling on the ground, laughing at them…something mature adults won’t do.

Then it could be, you want a couch lock, but get a heady high…

I do know people that like the gimmicks, tho. I like some flavor, myself.


And now maybe evident while I started with the caveat…

different, completely different. only thing it had in common was that it was marijuana and you smoked it

Edit: I’m curious if ‘red hair sensimilia’ could be aka. red dirt sensimillia, which is different than Panama red?

After coffee I’ll brave the ghosts in the pictures yet again for that picture

All one bud, it fills the jar…

The same gold color as the jar lid

No mas fina

Out of all the weed that may or may not have passed by my way there’s a reason that these are the only pictures I have…

I don’t claim to know why it was different looking, tasting, smoking (everything), it had huge black seeds and was countless times better than anything else I’ve ever had, except for the Panama Red (both were circ. 1975)

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@Hammer Hammer I’m trying to not see that ‘getting old’ comment! Lol oMG! nobody told me it would be like this :frowning: …and the winters, forget about it!

Edit: regarding the 74 Columbian, I sure envy you those seeds! Have you thought about going for it?

I know what you’re saying and I totally agree. This was probably an Afghani because it tasted, smoked and hit like hash. Back then there was a lot of hash, good sticky red and a lot of blonde and brown and this gold was like hash, and the red as well. there were other golds that came around but nothing was like this, not even close

Carotenoids!? Thanks for sharing that I had no idea but now I get it! carotenoids are why carrots are orange etc., cuz I know I wasn’t imagining this and I knew I had the pic somewhere. I think the red came around in 74, it was maybe not as aesthetically pleasing as the gold but I think the red was as strong or stronger.