Low thc,High cbd

Im looking for a plant,Low in THC,and high in CBD. Any sugestions are welcome.

Auto flowers might be your best choice for CBD .

Hi if you look in the seed shop you can click the high CBD then look at the details, some have high thc high CBD Med THC high CBD. The blueberry seems to be very popular. I have one outside its about 3 foot high and a clone of it inside under lights.

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Blueberry is awesome !

Can’t wait for mines to grow , hopefully the cool temperature help it turn purple ish , that would be awesome .

Is the purple color of any significance as far as taste, strength, smoothness of smoke? Or is it just a show thing? Never been really sure about that, you know? I smoked blueberry that never changed colors and some that did and I really didn’t see much difference. Got to admit, the colored one was really cool to sit and look at the bud! ! Wish I had one of those now, Mother Hubbard’s cupboard is BARE !

So all cannabis pretty much has the color already there to some extent. It is just cold, or other practices can get rid of the green chlorophyll to reveal the purple. The color in and of itself has nothing really to do with potency or smell, however possibly because the chlorophyll has been broken down, the smoke might be smoother, or less harsh.

Some strains have more of the anthocyanin, and so the purple can show even more, and this might indicate that it comes from a strain that is probably bred for strength/potency, maybe a strain of Hindu Kush or Columbian ancestry, and so maybe more potent than others, but it is by no means a guarantee as there are also very purple indica strains that are not very potent and are very purple. So the anthocyanin doesn’t really seem to be for anything other than color.


From my position Txgrowman , I’ve never seen it nor smoked any , so just out of curiosity I thought growing one for the experience first , but also the genetics of the strain full qualities I try to achieve in each grow . I had a variety of colorations but not purple yet !!!

Hey Mac I have a blueberry plant inside my grow box, could I put a small ac unit to blow cold air for a few days right before harvest to get it turning blue?